Supreme targets China with mainland exclusive Air Force 1

    From an artist-fashion collision to coffee-choreographer and a China-exclusive streetwear move, this week’s Chinese brand collaboration spotlights offer a variety of strategic inspiration.
    Supreme Shanghai. Image: Supreme
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    Following the recent opening of its Shanghai flagship store, Supreme is doubling down on its commitment to the Chinese market with another exclusive product offering for the mainland, this time partnering with Nike for a highly anticipated product release.

    In addition to exploring the brand’s innovative partnership with Nike, this week, we also uncover Nespresso’s surprise collaboration with a renowned dance company that reimagines its product offering. And in the Chinese Gen Z fashion spotlight, we dive into the eclectic world of Daphne Lab’s latest artist collaboration with Shanghai’s own Qiurui Du.

    Daphne Lab x Qiurui Du#

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    Details: Summer collection, May 1

    Social context: Daphne has just 270,000 followers on Weibo, but its diffusion line Daphne Lab has just 271 at the time of writing. On Xiaohongshu, Daphne Lab has 22,200 followers, and Qiurui Du 65,900.


    • Daphne Lab and emerging artist Du Qiurui teamed up for a second time for their Romantic Weird series, pushing the boundaries of fashion with daring creativity and a celebration of individuality.
    • Du Qiuru’s playful Plastic Flower and Her Pearl Tears inspired a collection where bold fashion meets imaginative art, featuring eye-catching items like lollipop masks and clothing that encourages self-expression and the embrace of uniqueness.
    • Daphne Lab’s commitment to collaborating with independent designers underscores its mission of championing originality and showcasing the fashion-forward attitude of China's Generation Z. With the brand’s Dare to Be ethos driving future collaborations, the possibilities for avant-garde fashion exploration are boundless.

    Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 China#

    Supreme x Nike. Image: Supreme
    Supreme x Nike. Image: Supreme

    Details: Shanghai-exclusive Air Force 1, May 18

    Social context: Supreme has 34,000 Weibo followers and Nike has 1.5 million.


    • As part of a targeted market strategy chiming with the new Shanghai store, which opened earlier this year, Supreme and Nike’s region-exclusive Air Force 1 collaboration taps into China’s growing appetite for exclusive streetwear, amplifying demand and cultural resonance in the region.
    • The collaboration blends Supreme’s signature red accents and Box Logo with Nike’s Air Force 1 silhouette, reinforcing both brands’ identities while offering a fresh take on the classic footwear.
    • Limited quantities and a China-only release are generating heightened anticipation, driving hype and swift sales, while streamlining production and distribution for Supreme and Nike.

    Nespresso x Tao Theater x Fan Xi#

    Tao Body Theater and artist Fan Xi interpret Nespresso. Image: Nespresso
    Tao Body Theater and artist Fan Xi interpret Nespresso. Image: Nespresso

    Details: Dance film interpretation of Nespresso, Spring 2024

    Social context: Nespresso has 311,000 followers on Weibo, while Tao Theater has 24,000.


    • Nespresso’s partnership with Beijing dance company Tao Body Theater, led by Tao Ye and directed by artist Fan Xi, demonstrates a fusion of coffee culture with modern dance, and presents a unique “momentary art” experience that encourages mindfulness and introspection while savoring coffee.
    • The use of a minimalist circular stage juxtaposed against a pure black space creates a visually striking contrast, evoking a sense of disordered time and space reminiscent of the vast universe. This aesthetic choice aligns with Nespresso’s commitment to elevating the sensory experience, capturing the essence of vitality and eternal energy.
    • Nespresso’s Vertuo range is smoothly integrated into the artistic narrative, offering a variety of flavors and extraction styles to cater to diverse taste preferences. By highlighting the versatility and enjoyment of coffee tasting, Nespresso enhances the viewer’s appreciation of both the sensory and artistic dimensions of the moments depicted in the advertising campaign.
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