Labelhood takes Harrods for Chinese New Year celebrations

    Harrods and Labelhood have teamed up to celebrate Chinese New Year. We chat with Harrods’ Director of International Business Development, Sarah Myler, to learn more.
    Championing local designers while celebrating Chinese New Year, Harrods’ collab strategy is an authentic route to connect with Chinese diaspora and tourists in London. Photo: Harrods
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    For a second consecutive year, Harrods is celebrating Chinese New Year through an exclusive collaboration with Labelhood, a leading cultural platform that nurtures emerging Chinese designers. The luxury British retailer and design incubator are offering a dim sum set tea (combining British high tea and Chinese dim sum), as well as an exhibition of Labelhood’s designers and a Chinese New Year-themed portrait booth.

    Harrods and Labelhood have reunited for a second year for the Year of the Dragon. Photo: Harrods
    Harrods and Labelhood have reunited for a second year for the Year of the Dragon. Photo: Harrods

    The Harrods and Labelhood Year of the Dragon pop-up, running from January 26 to February 18, offers a unique opportunity for visitors to capture their annual family portraits within a specially curated setting.

    Featuring over 40 products from six esteemed brands — including Uma Wang, M Essential, The Flocks, AO Yes, Samuel Gui Yang, and Tang Xin Dan — this collaboration not only underscores Harrods’ dedication to supporting emerging Chinese luxury talent but also marks Labelhood’s second appearance in the UK, building on its successful inclusion in “The Harrods Hive” incubator platform in Shanghai and London.

    Below, Jing Daily examines the strategy behind this ongoing partnership between Harrods and Labelhood in conversation with the heritage British luxury retailer’s Director of International Business Development, Sarah Myler.

    Other than obviously celebrating the Year of the Dragon, what are the differences from last year's pop-up? Does the strategy evolve each year?

    “Working with a market as dynamic as China means that we must always be evolving rapidly. The pace of change is so fast, and it is what is so exciting about working with our Chinese customers. This year, customers can experience an exclusive family portrait studio, limited edition Dragon’s Beard candy, and a must-have Spring Festival afternoon tea at the Dim Sum Terrace.

    “For 2024, our campaign focus is on celebrating the ethos of the dragon — harnessing its pioneering spirit, courage, and sense of nostalgia. These themes are fitting as we enter our 175th anniversary year, as we reflect on our history while looking ahead to an exciting future.”

    Do you notice an uptick in attention from Chinese consumers when the pop-up runs in Harrods each year?

    “Our Chinese customer base is so important; we ensure we engage with them year-round, no matter the season. Its why we have been so focused on building a permanent presence in Shanghai through The Residence and the Harrods Tea Rooms in Shanghai. Of course, as with many other cultural festivities, Spring Festival allows us the time to directly engage with our Chinese customers and join in celebrating with them both in The Harrods Residence in Shanghai and our home in Knightsbridge.”

    Other than this partnership with Labelhood, in what ways is Harrods catering to its Chinese consumer base in London?

    “Chinese New Year is rooted in the coming together of families, whether that’s our closest relatives or the family we choose, and I’m proud to have been able to transfer this philosophy to our London home this festive season.

    “From Labelhood’s annual family portrait studio, designed to capture ever-lasting memories, to the Chai Wu Dragon’s Beard candy pop-up on the fourth floor, there is something for every celebratory mood this Chinese New Year at Harrods. Mirroring the limited-edition Spring Festival Afternoon Tea in Knightsbridge, we’ll also be emulating this in Harrods Tearooms Shanghai, seamlessly merging elements from both for our customers at our home away from home.”

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