Brands need C-pop: Jackson Wang auction soars over Joopiter estimates

    Pharrell Williams' Joopiter’s first auction with Jackson Wang sees estimates overtaken by up to 942%, demonstrating the new era power of C-pop.
    Jackson Wang wearing Joopiter x Team Wang. Image: Joopiter
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    Pharrell Williams' auction platform Joopiter has announced the results of its latest sale, titled Jackson Wang Metamorphosis: Athlete, Musician, Designer, held in collaboration with the global pop star himself.

    Fueled by the fierce fan culture behind Wang, the first auction of the star’s belongings, which concluded on Tuesday, sold all lots, with the proceeds donated to charity.

    The rise of C-Pop is increasingly apparent across luxury and streetwear, with the international interest of Jackson Wang's Joopiter auction proving just that. From Jay Chou being appointed brand ambassador at Dior, La Mer, and Rimowa, to Lay Zhang working with the likes of Qeelin, Hublot, Sprite, and Fila, China's pop star ambassadors are being appointed in their droves.

    Showcasing a 252% sell-through rate by value and 86% of lots exceeding their high estimates, the Wang auction’s results exceeded already-high expectations. The event attracted a broad international audience, with participants failing from 35 markets, illustrating the global community surrounding the C-pop superstar.

    That level of fandom cannot be going untapped by brands wanting to connect with the market, and its global influence.

    One of the standout pieces was a behind-the-scenes music video experience, listed at $10,000 (72,700 RMB) to $15,000 (109,000 RMB), which sold for $77,500 (563,300 RMB), 417% above its upper estimate.

    Another highlight was a custom jacket, purple vest, and gloves from the Magic Man World Tour, designed by Koeunbomee Kim and Wang himself. With an estimate of $3,000 (21,800 RMB) to $5,000 (36,000 RMB), this ensemble sold for $16,250 (118,100 RMB), surpassing its upper estimate by 225%.

    The auction also featured the Magic Man World Tour custom microphone, which fetched $11,250 (81,700 RMB) against an estimate of $2,000 (14,500 RMB) to $3,000 (21,800 RMB), achieving 275% over the upper estimate.

    However, the most surprising result came from a fencing team suit; the uniform worn during Wang’s days as a youth fencing champion. It was estimated at $400 (2,900 RMB) to $600 (4,360 RMB), yet garnered an impressive $6,250 (45,400 RMB), a staggering 942% over the high estimate.

    This auction marks Joopiter’s first collaboration with a Chinese artist. The sale traced Wang’s journey from elite fencer to global music sensation and creative director of his Team Wang brand, one of the leading Chinese celebrity brands that has garnered a Gen Z fanbase on a global scale.

    Leveraging the rising popularity of Team Wang, Joopiter also is selling a collaborative merchandise collection, available for pre-orders separate from the auction.

    Catering to both new and experienced collectors, Joopiter combines popular culture and community to innovate auctions.

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