Balmain and Pop Mart release 999 limited edition Space Mollys

    Balmain and Pop Mart have combined their major fanbases in the art toy and luxury fashion industries to connect with Chinese collectors on WeChat.
    For New Year, Balmain and Pop Mart have designed a limited edition series of Mega Space Molly figurines. Photo: Balmain
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    Collaboration: Balmain x Pop Mart

    Social impact: On Weibo, the hashtag #POPMART has 18.36 million reads, and #BalmainArmy has 370 million, giving the campaign a combined reach of 378.36 million.

    Available only via Balmain's WeChat mini program, the 1000% Mega Space Molly. Photo: Balmain
    Available only via Balmain's WeChat mini program, the 1000% Mega Space Molly. Photo: Balmain

    The story: On January 5, Balmain and Chinese toy company Pop Mart unveiled a highly exclusive New Year's Mega Space Molly Balmain co-branded collection.

    Bringing the iconic Balmain logo to Pop Mart's distinctive figurine, the 1000% Space Molly is the first collaboration between the two brands.

    By merging trend culture, collectibles, and luxury fashion, the two names are targeting the next generation of luxury consumers. Limited to just 999 pieces worldwide and priced at 5,999 RMB ($844), the sought-after figurine builds cultural capital for both parties.

    The Mega Space Molly Balmain seamlessly blends the fashion house’s contemporary feel with the futuristic image of the Space Molly. The doll dons custom-made fashion in a striking red and black color palette, also adorned with Balmain’s classic gold monogram pattern and two gold buckles on the placket, representing the French brand’s world-famous signatures. Additionally, the unique Balmain retro buckle design on the helmet's back serves as a distinct branded touch.

    By inviting Balmain into the homes of its extensive fanbase, Pop Mart helps solidify luxury fashion’s position within the booming realm of Asia’s art toy market.

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