Jay Chou anointed as Dior ambassador, following Jisoo, Jimin and Haerin

    Dior’s Asian ambassador list grows with the most recent appointment of ‘King of Mandopop’ Jay Chou
    Jay Chou is Dior's new global ambassador. Image: Dior
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    In a move that further cements the marriage of high fashion and Asian pop culture, Dior, the storied French luxury fashion house, has announced Taiwanese singer Jay Chou as its new brand ambassador. A social post of Chou in a custom mint green Dior men’s suit has garnered almost 76,000 likes on Dior’s Instagram account at the time of writing and the Weibo hashtag #JayChouRepresentDior (#周杰伦代言迪奥) has 679k views in the last 24 hours.

    The partnership marks a significant milestone in the brand's ongoing efforts to deepen its connection with the global market, particularly in Asia.

    ‘King of Mandopop’ Chou brings plenty to the table as an artist renowned for his work in music, film, and television, and one of the most popular and influential pop stars in the Mandarin-speaking world, especially among millennials. However, his outsized influence in the Asian entertainment industry comprises a fan base that spans generations and borders. Dior's collaboration with Chou underscores the brand's recognition of the growing impact of Asian celebrities in the global fashion landscape.

    Jay Chou in concert dressed in Dior menswear
    Jay Chou in concert dressed in Dior menswear

    Jimin from K-Pop sensation BTS was Dior’s first-ever Asian ambassador, appointed only in January this year. Since then, the house has been on a roll with Blackpink’s Jisoo, Newjeans’ Haerin, Uyghur actress and singer Dilraba Dilmurat and then Thai stars Apo (Nattawin Wattanagitiphat) and Mile (Phakphum Romsaithong) as ambassadors.

    Chou's style, 20-year-plus career, solid reputation and cultural and artistic endeavours (such as his curated Sotheby's auction) make him a great choice for Dior. Chinese netizens have been calling the move a big boost for Dior. Weibo user夏桃yo (xiataoyo) echos the sentiment, commenting "Dior followed Jay's tour and sent him clothes for a whole year and finally got him."

    While many of the big brands (including Dior) have been tapping Gen Z K-pop stars, a more seasoned and cultured star like Chou will appeal to a wider audience with the capacity to buy luxury, hinting at the brand's strategic move to appeal to a more diverse audience. Another Weibo user @光辉女郎是一只蚂蚁 remarked: "The brand values Jay Chou's status. Moreover, Jay's fan base spans across the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, with varying levels of purchasing power."

    The announcement has been positively received, with fans in Greater China and globally and fashion enthusiasts seemingly eager to experience the fusion of Chou's artistic flair with Kim Jones’ menswear designs – a partnership that is set to enhance Dior's already impressive presence in China and Asia.

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