Exclusive: Shiseido Launches World’s First AI-Powered NFT Community Program In Beauty

    The Japanese cosmetics company has released 150 limited edition NFTs in honor of its 150th anniversary, alongside a number of benefits to its steadfast community.
    The Japanese cosmetics company has released 150 limited edition NFTs in honor of its 150th anniversary, alongside a number of benefits to its steadfast community. Photo: Courtesy of Shiseido
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    Shiseido is amping up its metaverse activations to commemorate its 150th anniversary. In partnership with Cult, a British-based Web3 agency, the Japanese beauty giant has unveiled its #AliveWithBeauty campaign featuring a limited collection of 150 exclusive NFTs.

    The launch marks a global first for the beauty industry, thanks to its focus on AI-powered technology. Using artificial intelligence as a co-creation tool, the project ran a series of words related to beauty and Web3 through a language-processing system, which then developed a number of AI-informed artworks. The digital creations were each finalized “with a human touch” by Cult’s in-house creative team.

    “NFTs and Web3 are providing a new playground for brands to grow and nurture their existing communities, as well as opening the doors to new ones,” Bridey-Rae Lipscombe, CEO and co-founder of Cult, tells Jing Daily. “This utility and value-based approach to NFTs is key to driving long-term brand engagement and evolving customers into lifelong advocates.”

    Lipscombe describes the #AliveWithBeauty campaign as the next step in Shiseido’s digital transformation journey, inviting fans to engage with the brand through new innovations.

    To promote accessibility in the metaverse, Shiseido is giving the tokens away for free through a prize draw. Entrants can sign up for the competition by simply typing in their email address via the brand’s website, where the winners will be notified once the draw has closed on February 28. Shiseido also partnered with NFT platform Exclusible — a carbon-neutral platform that creates virtual wallets for consumers — so that those with no previous knowledge of NFTs or crypto can participate.

    Alongside product innovation and emerging tech, the J-beauty conglomerate also wants to focus on enhancing customer value. Its latest project does so by offering exclusive NFT ownership and access into Shiseido’s tight knit community, in which enthusiasts can unlock rewards and build a more connected relationship with the brand.

    Owners of the tokens will be offered £1,000 (1,197) worth of skincare and samples throughout the year, tickets to both online and offline events, and other rewards as the program develops over time.

    The label also invited five female forces for change to join its new community, each boasting an extensive background in beauty, tech and Web3. The five industry leaders, which include beauty and wellness trailblazer Kaushal and founder of the Women of Web3 collective Lauren Inghram, were gifted one of the tokens and will helm the new campaign.

    Shiseido’s strategy remains ambitious — a mentality that’s necessary when up against a myriad of top beauty contenders. But its determination is paying off. The label’s commitment to offering personalized services over gimmicks has helped consolidate its strong reputation in the physical world. Now, its latest efforts mean it’s one to watch in the online terrain too.

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