China: This Week In Digital Luxury Marketing

    A roundup of ongoing Western holiday-themed campaigns in China through December 9, featuring Sisley, Lancôme, Kate Spade, IWC, and Coach.
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    A roundup of ongoing Western holiday-themed campaigns in China through December 9, featuring Sisley, Lancôme, Kate Spade, IWC, and Coach.


    French skincare house Sisley has launched a Thanksgiving campaign on its online community website titled “My Little Thank-You Note” (Chinese: 我的感恩小卡片). Now through November 30, participants are asked to write a thank-you post with the hashtag #My Little Thank-You Note# to anyone they are grateful for, and the brand will award different gifts to eight participants, two from each category based on who they are grateful for: teacher, family member, lover, and friend.


    French skincare and cosmetics house Lancôme has also launched a similar Thanksgiving campaign on Weibo, titled “Lancôme is Grateful to Have You” (Chinese: 兰蔻感恩有你). Now through November 28, the brand asks its fans to refer the post and write a heartfelt thank-you message to the person they are most grateful for. Participants with the “most beautiful” message will win a bottle of Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique.

    Kate Spade#

    American fashion brand Kate Spade is getting ready for the holidays’ gift-giving spirits early. Its ongoing campaign titled “All That Glitters” on its China official website invites its fans to log in with their Weibo accounts and create a holiday wish list. Now through November 30, those who participate in the campaign will have the chance to win a Garland handbag from the Beacon Court collection.


    To celebrate the renowned French novel The Little Prince’s 70th anniversary of debut publication, Swiss watchmaker IWC has launched a special-edition The Little Prince watch line and a digital marketing campaign on WeChat. Now through December 9, the brand invites its fans to use the “voice message” function on WeChat and record themselves reading their favorite quotes from the novel, and send them to IWC’s official account. IWC will select ten top participants and award holiday gifts.


    American leather goods company Coach has launched a campaign on WeChat and Weibo, featuring its brand ambassador Leehom Wang. Participants who reply “Modern New Yorker” (Chinese: 摩登纽约客) to Coach’s official WeChat account will receive nine puzzle pieces of a photo of Wang, and they are asked to upload the completed puzzle onto Weibo with the hashtag #Coach x Leehom Wang# (Chinese: COACHx王力宏) and the handle @Coach蔻驰 for a chance to win Wang’s autographed Coach poster.

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