Here's How Burberry, MCM, Montblanc Celebrated Children’s Day in China

    Children’s Day may be less known in the West, but it's a popular one in China. Read below to find out how Burberry, MCM, and Montblanc celebrated the holiday.
    The British fashion house Burberry was one of the first brands to launch a luxury children’s line for the holiday. Photo: Burberry WeChat
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    Children’s Day may be less known in the West, but in China, it’s a well established holiday, by both adult and kids. While we looked for new marketing campaigns, it seems like this year’s Children’s Day has received less spotlight than previous years, which means less competition for brands that actually create a thoughtful campaign. Below, three of the best examples based on their creativity, engagement, and execution.


    The British fashion house was one of the first brands to launch a luxury children’s line for the holiday. For this year’s Children’s Day, on a WeChat post, Burberry adopted the tone of a little kid, who claims their own independent spirit, “Whose kids are better than me?” and “I am going to choose what I wear every day!” both written in doodles. The featured products are the children’s version of their adult line, combining animal prints and their big letter logo (in Burberry’s streetwear defined fashion), including their classic trench coat, backpack in the shape of a teddy bear, logo scarf, and blue full suit. The end of the post featured a cute video of children decked out in Burberry, and a call to action button “buy for me.” The post attracted 36,000 pageviews and 144 likes, with readers commented “I wanna become a Burberry baby,” and “Nice ads, giving back children the right to choose.”


    MCM surprised readers with the print of “Happy Children’s Day boys and girls” in bold, yellow font on WeChat. Once you swipe left, a list of products appear with various spring discounts, the lowest is down to 7 percent. Items include a teddy bear key chain (172), a rabbit print wallet (263), and large logo-covered bags. Once you click on the photo of an item, readers are direct to the product page and can purchase right away via WeChat Pay and AliPay. The post attracted 8,595 pageviews and 25 likes.


    Montblanc targeted their adult consumer this year on WeChat, using “discover your childish side” as the tagline of its post, encouraging its adult readers to zoom in to the details. Using similar animated techniques as MCM’s, once the reader swipes left, they can discover the details that were missing in the photo, a.k.a. the highlighted products — from special Beatles-themed pens (945), cufflinks (363), to a pair of earrings (556). The post attracted 24,000 pageviews and 47 likes. At the end of the post, it asked readers to share a childish moment from their lives, and if selected, they would have a chance to win a gift for this holiday.

    Key Takeaways:#

    — Use interactive element (swipe to left) to engage with your readers
    — Link to your e-commerce store
    — Ask your reader to share their personal stories

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