Five Questions With Roaringwild, China’s Streetwear Favorite

Founded by college friends Cy, Mimi, Qiao, Ppl and Reika in Shenzhen, Roaringwild is one of China’s worst-kept streetwear secrets. 

Since launching in 2010, it’s become one of the leading players on the scene, known for its conceptual, utilitarian ready-to-wear, as well as for trending collaborations with the likes of Puma, Vans, Casio, Randomevent and Adidas.

MEMORIES ROARINGWILD SS22 concept catalogue5

A shot from the Roaringwild SS22 Lookbook. Photo: Roaringwild

Roaringwild’s collections have even graced the Shanghai Fashion Week runway, with the brand hoping to become the Chinese equivalent of streetwear favorites Stussy, Palace and Supreme. Considering how renowned the three American brands are for their collaborations, Roaringwild is heading in the right direction.

As part of the latest Jing Collabs & Drops “Big in China: Brand Collaborations” market report, Roaringwild co-founder Cy discussed the team’s approach to co-branded releases.

1. What would you say has been Roaringwild’s most successful collaboration, and why?

“From my personal perspective, it might be the collaboration with Fox Umbrella and Vans. I think the product at that time was still very attractive — rather than simply putting the logos of the two brands together.”

2. Why has collaboration become a part of your brand strategy in China?

“It helps us to approach different customers and expand the limits of our brand. Cross-border cooperation is very helpful for brand exposure, and can also inspire loads of interesting products.”

Roaring wild pop up labelhood

Earlier this year, Roaringwild launched a pop-up with Labelhood. Photo: Roaringwild

3. Have you ever strategically collaborated in order to expand your reach in the China market?

“Of course, all of what we have done with Casio, Jordan Brand, Puma, Vans and so on [does just that]. The main idea of those collaborations was to show the diversity of our brand.”

4. Would you consider collaborating with a retailer?

“For sure, every year you see many brands collaborate with Dover Street Market; the benefit is that you can approach a part of core customers in this field.”

5. Do you see collaboration as a crucial part of China’s fashion industry and why?

“To some degree, it is. It will affect the mass opinion of your brand. The brand also needs collaborations to increase the excitement of fans.”

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