H. Moser & Cie.’s Virtual Ecosystem, Dolce & Gabbana’s NFT Teddy Bears And More: Web3 Drops Of The Week

As the year draws to a close, brands are winding down their metaverse activations and instead planning ahead for 2023. But major players taking a step back means up-and-coming names have room to shine. Like Pioneering eyewear design group Bbase, who’s latest project with crypto artist Radarboy3000 dives into the world of new media experimentalism in the metaverse.

Moreover, this week saw the return of Dolce & Gabbana to the Web3 space. Following its colossal debut back in 2021, when the house set a $6 million dollar (41.8 million RMB) record for fashion NFTs, the luxury label has since kept its digital presence largely under wraps — besides its appearance at the lukewarm Metaverse Fashion Week back in March. To commemorate a successful year for fashion and Web3, the titan has unveiled the next phase of its virtual roadmap, tapping the industry’s long-standing affinity for plush toys along the way.

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Luxury timepiece maker H. Moser & Cie. launched the landmark virtual project earlier this week. Photo: H. Moser & Cie.

H. Moser & Cie. Brings Luxury Timepieces To Web3 With Pioneering Digital Ecosystem

What Happened: Luxury timepiece maker H. Moser & Cie. has unveiled a holistic ecosystem that creates an immersive luxury experience for its customers. In partnership with Aura Consortium and Deloitte, the project features a dedicated app which will allow for watch authentication through blockchain technology, as well as access to an exclusive Swiss chalet in the metaverse space and NFT digital artworks. The initiative also features a physical limited-edition 50-piece release of the “Endeavour Centre Seconds Genesis” timepiece. 

The Verdict: The luxury watch industry’s culture and consumer base is centered around the concept of exclusivity and private experiences. This year, the sector moved into the world of Web3 at full pace with the intention of elevating its existing reputation and offerings to its audience. H. Moser & Cie.’s latest digital innovation offers an ideal example of how revered timepiece houses might do so. 

Alongside NFT projects UNXD and inBetweeners, Dolce & Gabbana unveiled its latest token collection this week. Photo: inBetweeners

Dolce & Gabbana Taps Collectible Teddy Bears With Its Latest NFT Drop

What Happened: Dolce & Gabbana has joined forces with NFT collective inBetweeners and UNXD for its latest NFT drop. After a quiet year following an explosive 2021 in the metaverse, the luxury house launched the three-tiered collaborative project on Opensea on December 13. Titled “The Drip Collection,” the token series features 2,000 digital bears designed by artist GianPiero D’Alesandro. Each bear arrives wearing one of 21 products taken from the D&G vault. Holders of the NFTs will be able to redeem D&G garments which match their bears next year and receive a signed physical print.

The Verdict: While other fashion groups turn towards garments in their “phygital” releases, Dolce & Gabbana’s latest move taps the popular trend of toy collectibles — this time, with a Web3 twist. Moreover, the drop demonstrates how traditional fashion houses are collaborating with digital natives who are well-versed in the metaverse as a means of better understanding the newfound online realm and approaching potential consumer bases to expand their audience. 

Bbase Design Group teamed up with digital creative Radarboy3000 on its 20th anniversary NFT drop. Photo: bbase Design Group

Eyewear Design Studio Bbase And Crypto Artist Radarboy3000 Team Up To Create Sustainability-focused NFT Collection, bb20

What Happened: Global leader in eyewear design, Bbase Design Group, has partnered with renowned crypto artist Radarboy3000 to create bb20, a series of NFTs that place Bbase in the Web3 arena. The token collection celebrates the company’s 20th anniversary with 12 drops throughout 2023, featuring a new “data sculpture” every month informed by Bbase’s world of responsible design and material innovation in eyewear.

The Verdict: Collaborations with crypto-native collectives and names — such as Radarboy 3000 — have become the first point of contact for many labels with ambitions of entering the Web3 space. Fashion companies have to expand their horizons when it comes to creating products that go beyond their traditional offerings, and team-ups facilitate that process well. With this partnership, Bbase has opened the door for experimentation and collaboration with other players already in the metaverse — who will bring knowledge and expertise. 

The virtual influencer has made waves across both China and globally this year, partnering with the likes of Ferragamo and Tiffany & Co. Photo: Weibo

Virtual Influencer Ayayi Teams Up With Urban Decay On Beauty Brand’s Latest Holiday Campaign

What Happened: Chinese metahuman and influencer Ayayi is back with her latest brand partnership. The virtual idol recently promoted beauty label Urban Decay’s new campaign, themed around end-of-year parties and eye-catching makeup aesthetics, via Weibo. Ayayi is pictured sporting the cosmetic group’s well-known “Naked” range — unlocking the new experience of cross-dimensional makeup. 

The Verdict: Arguably China’s most popular KOL, Ayayi has been snapped up by several fashion and beauty giants over the past year. Digital influencers are overtaking their human counterparts thanks to considerable advantages: They pose a lower risk of scandal, and offer greater room for complete company control. While some argue that these human-like personas are at risk of manipulation in terms of politics and PR, virtual ambassadors will no doubt represent one of Web3’s most lucrative markets for 2023.


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