The future of generative AI for luxury

    Generative AI is transforming content creation and brand communication. Luxury brands are utilizing it for campaigns, with significant profit potential. Challenges of creative ownership and legal complexities must be navigated.
    July 18 2023
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    Tanya Van GastelTech Correspondent

    Generative AI, advanced computer programs such as ChatGPT that are capable of generating unique content, will reshape the way we create, communicate, and connect. It’s already being deployed to create luxury campaigns by brands like Moncler and Valentino. Other brands will soon follow suit.

    Soon, generative AI might be helping brands to design entire worlds in the metaverse, create brand-owned virtual influencers, or power luxury clienteling services – the possibilities are near endless. As the technology democratizes many facets of storytelling, including content creation and campaign generation, the competitive landscape will be transformed. This new landscape isn’t without challenges. Creative ownership, leaks and legal complexities surrounding AI-generated work require careful navigation.

    Generative AI is set to boost operating profits in the fashion, luxury and apparel segments by up to $275 billion in the next three to five years according to McKinsey. Luxury brands must grasp what is happening and seize the opportunity of what lies ahead.

    Jing Daily’s latest insight report, “The Future of Generative AI for Luxury” explores the $275 billion generative AI opportunity for luxury.

    Table of Contents:

    • Introduction: Defining the $275 Billion Generative AI Opportunity for Luxury
    • Case Studies: Luxury Taps Generative AI to Elevate Consumer Journey
      • The Shift Towards AI-Generated Luxury Campaigns
      • Shaping the Future of Fashion Design
      • Leveraging AI For a Personalized Luxury Shopping Experience
    • Understanding AI’s Transformative Impact on the Luxury Retail Landscape
    • Executive Guide to Generative AI
    • The Evolution of Luxury: What Lies Ahead?
      • Unlocking Metaverse Growth with Generative AI
      • AI-Driven Product Design
      • Redefining How Luxury Campaign Are Created
      • The Future of Virtual Influencers
      • Tapping Into Hyper-Personalized Digital Experiences
    • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Best Practices for Navigating the AI Revolution
      • How to Design for In-House AI Fluency
      • How Can Brands Navigate the Key Risks
      • Understanding Consumer Sentiment Towards AI
      • In Conclusion
    • Addendum: How To Create an AI-Generated Luxury Campaign
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