Sandy Liang and Marc Jacobs top NYFW Fall 2024 collabs

    Hot off the runway, here are the biggest brand collaborations from New York Fashion Week Fall 2024, from sportswear gems to Marc Jacobs’ 40th birthday bonanza.
    Takashi Murakami, Cactus Plant Flea Market, Sofia Coppola, Tremaine Emory, and Futura are among those celebrating Marc Jacobs’ 40th birthday. Photo: Marc Jacobs
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    New York Fashion Week’s Fall 2024 schedule concluded on Wednesday, February 14, and it certainly delivered in terms of brand collaborations. Marc Jacobs dominated everyone’s feeds after unveiling a major, star-studded collaborative campaign to celebrate its 40th birthday, while New York’s Sandy Liang continued its stylish partnership with Salomon.

    Also featured this week is Moose Knuckles’ runway collection with Luar, a bold attempt to challenge the outerwear supremacy of competitors like Moncler.

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    Luar x Moose Knuckles#

    Luar and Moose Knuckles debuted a capsule collection for Fall 2024. Photo: Luar
    Luar and Moose Knuckles debuted a capsule collection for Fall 2024. Photo: Luar

    Details: Outerwear, Fall 2024

    Social context: Moose Knuckles’ official Instagram teaser post has 323 likes. The joint Instagram post between Moose Knuckles and Luar, however, has over 1,230 likes.


    • Luar has become one of the most exciting brands on the NYFW schedule, especially after Beyoncé was spotted in the front row. Her appearance serves as the ultimate gateway for Moose Knuckles to enhance its reputation in the industry as a fashion-forward name.
    • With metrosexuality as the theme of the Fall 2024 collection, Moose Knuckles has the opportunity to delve into more creative concepts through its collaboration with a designer fashion label. This multi-season partnership is expected to infuse the Canadian brand with fresh relevance.
    • Luar, in return, is able to leverage Moose Knuckles’ technical expertise to venture into outerwear. From an Ana bag in puffer fabric to a parka featuring a sheepskin shawl, the capsule collection items seamlessly merge the strengths of both brands.

    Marc Jacobs x multiple brands#

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    Details: Collaborative pieces with friends of the brand, release dates TBA

    Social context: The first official “40 years of Marc Jacobs” post has almost 42,000 likes, and the second has over 4,500 likes.


    • To mark its 40th birthday, Marc Jacobs has invited some of its favorite collaborators from over the years to reimagine pieces from the brand’s archive. With each collaborator boasting a notable reach, this initiative makes for a stellar marketing strategy.
    • The reimagined pieces will be available in limited edition drops on the Marc Jacobs website. Interested consumers can sign up for notifications regarding the release dates of these collaborations. In short, consumers can expect a slow, constant feed of hype.
    • As Clot proved with its 20th anniversary celebrations, flooding news feeds with collaborations is one way to maintain relevance in the noisy zeitgeist. Marc Jacobs is poised to dominate trending topics throughout its 40th anniversary celebrations.

    Sandy Liang x Salomon#

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    Details: Sneakers, Fall 2024

    Social context: On TikTok, #sandyliangxsalomon has 1.5 million views. The shared post about their previous collaboration back in May 2023 received over 23,000 likes.


    • As one of New York’s “it-girl” brands, Sandy Liang’s collaboration with Salomon has become an instant hit in both the sneaker and fashion worlds. Having released footwear together since Spring 2021, the partners are proving to be a cult favorite.
    • The post with the most likes of Sandy Liang’s Fall 2024 show received over 50,000, highlighting the designer’s loyal fanbase. High-fashion sneaker crossovers are typically geared toward the fashion set rather than sportswear consumers.
    • Salomon’s X-T sneakers helped the brand reach $165 million (1.17 billion RMB) in sales through Q3 of 2023. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the partners decided on that silhouette for this collection.
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