Rui Zhou designs Adidas Spring 2024 collection

    In this week’s Chinese brand collab spotlights, Randomevent dances with Fruityshop, Adidas taps Rui Zhou, and Mithridate and LuisaViaRoma present a collection at Paris Fashion Week.
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    The final day of Paris Fashion Week is upon us, so this week’s collaboration highlights turn to spring 2024 launches.

    Adidas Originals is the latest to leverage cut-out queen Rui Zhou’s fan base, LuisaViaRoma teams up with Zara Larsson and Gigi Hadid-approved Chinese label Mithridate, and finally, Randomevent looks to music as the latest way to build out its brand lifestyle.

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    Adidas x Rui Zhou#

    Adidas designed by Rui Zhou. Photo: Adidas
    Adidas designed by Rui Zhou. Photo: Adidas

    Details: Spring 2024 collection, April 14

    Social context: Adidas and Rui’s joint Instagram post has over 1,800 likes. Adidas is yet to post to its 146,000 fans on Weibo. On Xiaohongshu, #RuiZhou has 13.5 million views and 394,000 on Weibo.


    • Boasting a global celebrity fan base of A-listers like Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B, the members of Blackpink, Lily Depp, and Billie Eilish, Rui Zhou is one of the hottest Chinese designers of the moment. Last year Rui teamed up with Victoria’s Secret for a China market collection.
    • As a label that has become known for crafting its own distinct performance-wear, this Adidas tie-up makes a lot of sense for Rui.
    • Adidas’ localization strategy is a shining example for brands that want to connect with specific markets and subcultures. It has recently collaborated with Always Do What You Should Do, Clot, and Manchester United and The Stone Roses.

    Mithridate x LuisaViaRoma#

    Mithridate x LuisaViaRoma designed by creative director Demon Zhang. Photo: LuisaViaRoma
    Mithridate x LuisaViaRoma designed by creative director Demon Zhang. Photo: LuisaViaRoma

    Details: Limited edition capsule, February 28

    Social context: Mithridate has 23,000 followers on Instagram and 144,000 fans on Weibo. LuisaViaRoma has 1.4 million followers on Instagram, and 481,000 on Weibo. On Weibo, #MithridateXLuisaViaRoma has 616,000 reads.


    • The launch of Mithridate x LuisaViaRoma during Paris Fashion Week was celebrated with a dinner hosted by actress Kelly Rutherford. Spurring online traction, the event was attended by KOLs such as Emilia Silberg, Chloe Lecareux and Mayaoo.
    • Though Mithridate is one of the biggest Chinese designers in the mainland, its reputation in Western markets is still very much growing. This collaboration is sure to boost its brand recognition.
    • By creating an exclusive collection, LuisaViaRoma is driving traffic to its site, while supporting design talent that boasts an experimental high-fashion fanbase.

    Randomevent x Fruityshop#

    Randomevent and Fruityshop's opening event. Photo: Randomevent Weibo
    Randomevent and Fruityshop's opening event. Photo: Randomevent Weibo

    Details: “Music Lovers” the collection, March 2

    Social context: On Weibo, Randomevent has 264,000 fans and Fruityshop has 10,000. The hashtag #fruityshop on Xiaohongshu has 786,900 reads and #randomevent has 4.5 million.


    • Beijing record store Fruityshop opened over a decade ago, in 2013, and has amassed a following of music fans who align with Randomevent’s consumer base as streetwear is integral to the industry, too.
    • Recent years have seen Fruityshop expand to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Aranya and other cities in China – partnering with Randomevent is another method of expansion as the brand is gaining global recognition for its frequent collections with Adidas.
    • Randomevent repeatedly collaborates with names that shape its identity as a lifestyle destination. It’s worked with the likes of Bar Lotus and Slab Town Coffee, too. Streetwear is all about cultivating a community and creating cultural resonance.
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