Raku Inoue talks Glenfiddich Lunar New Year collaboration

    Glenfiddich welcomes the arrival of the 2024 Lunar New Year with a collaboration featuring multidisciplinary artist Raku Inoue. Paying homage to the upcoming dragon zodiac, the artist discusses the project.
    Raku Inoue talks Glenfiddich's Lunar New Year collaboration and more. Photo: Glenfiddich
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    Glenfiddich is poised to usher in the 2024 Lunar New Year with a distinctive touch of innovation, thanks to a strategic collaboration with the accomplished multidisciplinary artist Raku Inoue. Together, they have crafted a bottle and case design that pays homage to the imminent dragon zodiac for 2024.

    In an exclusive interview, we discuss the significance that collaboration holds within the framework of the Japanese artist's practice. In this dialogue, Inoue articulates the symbiotic relationship between his artistic ethos and Glenfiddich's vision, offering insights into the nuanced interplay of creativity and tradition encapsulated within this unique Lunar New Year release.

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    How did you interpret the Lunar New Year brief from Glenfiddich?

    “Lunar New Year is a time of festivity when people gather to celebrate prosperity and the blossoming future that awaits right beyond the horizon. The night sky is lit by the flashes of colorful fireworks and the warm lights emanating from paper lanterns. Many flying creatures find themselves heading toward the next chapter with excitement and anticipation, while a mythical beast proudly announces the arrival of a new constellation.”

    Why is brand collaboration important to you as an artist?

    “It encourages teamwork and also pushes me, as an artist, to think and create outside my comfort zone. Building upon the existing brand is an interesting challenge, for sure. And I get to take part in Glenfiddich’s history.”

    What are key features that you look for in a brand when approaching a collaboration?

    “First of all, I make sure the brand’s image and philosophy fit with mine. I also like to do some research on their past productions and see if they are daring, creatively speaking. Being restrained by a brand’s image is part of the challenge I look for, but when things get too rigid, it’s less interesting for artists, I think.

    “The Glenfiddich ‘A Gift for Blossoming Futures’ collaboration was interesting to me as I had the freedom to bring my signature style to the Glenfiddich Stag, giving it a new coat of colorful flora. Most importantly, this project was a close collaboration with Glenfiddich and me, presenting their iconic Stag as being at one with nature.”

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