Paris Fashion Week Men’s Fall 2024 best collabs

    Paris Fashion Week Men’s presented some major brand collaborations that disrupted the industry, featuring names like Louis Vuitton, JW Anderson, and Wales Bonner.
    Pharrell Williams' Louis Vuitton collection debuted a Timberland collaboration that has won over netizens. Photo: Louis Vuitton
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    Running from January 16 to 21, Paris Fashion Week Men's presented a plethora of co-branded offerings. From cultural icons coming together to break the internet to the resurgence of long-term cult partnerships, there are numerous examples of how brand collaboration continues to be a reliable business strategy for Fall 2024.

    This week’s global spotlights — men’s fashion week edition — explore the hip-hop-dedicated Louis Vuitton x Timberland collection, JW Anderson’s clever incorporation of Christiane Kubrick’s artwork and her husband’s Eyes Wide Shut movie, and the continuation of Wales Bonner x Adidas for a new season.

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    Louis Vuitton x Timberland#

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    Details: Footwear, apparel, and accessories collection, Fall 2024

    Social context: Pharrell's video of the boot, teased prior to the show, received over 241,190 likes. On Timberland's Instagram account, the post about the Paris Fashion Week debut has 5,893 likes.


    • First teased on Pharrell’s personal “Skateboard” Instagram account late last week, the Louis Vuitton x Timberland footwear has created a buzz online by merging the French house’s signature monogram with Timberland’s world-famous silhouette.
    • The level of engagement on Pharrell’s Instagram, in comparison to Timberland’s, demonstrates that Louis Vuitton is truly benefiting from having a superstar creative director. It's evident that pop culture fandom sells.
    • Pharrell’s connection with hip-hop and R&B culture adds even more meaning to the Timberland collaboration. Timberland boots are iconic within that genre, loyally repped by history’s most prolific rappers, including Biggie, Tupac, and Wu Tang Clan.

    JW Anderson x Christiane Kubrick#

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    Details: Fall 2024 collection

    Social context: Among all of JW Anderson's Instagram posts about the collection, the one with the highest number of likes reached 39,900.


    • Drawing inspiration from the interiors designed by Christiane Kubrick for Stanley Kubrick's psychodrama Eyes Wide Shut, the collection exemplifies how the world of cinema can influence high fashion.
    • Featuring blood-red velvet, satin cushioning, and artworks designed for the movie, the collection not only incorporates movie IP in graphic form but draws inspiration from the whole film concept. The show notes describe it as “weird and perversely domestic, plush and padded, everything is off.”
    • The Instagram post with the most likes showcases a snippet of the brand’s short film featuring Christiane Kubrick, directed by Christiane’s grandson, Jack Elliot Hobbs. This serves as evidence that collaboration can significantly enhance consumer interest by adding depth, creativity, and inviting cultural fans of both the movie and the painter.

    Wales Bonner x Adidas#

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    Social context: The post with the most likes on Wales Bonner's Instagram has 12,900, featuring Damian Marley (1.4 million followers) wearing Adidas Originals by Wales Bonner.


    • Departing from the Samba snake silhouette that has become synonymous with Wales Bonner x Adidas, this season introduces a new development in their cult partnership. The Superstar is reinterpreted in white leather with a crocodile-embossed take.
    • Wales Bonner has undeniably enhanced the cool factor of Adidas over recent years, simultaneously benefiting from the extended marketing and financial reward that comes from working with such a huge corporation.
    • Sambas have undeniably reached their peak, becoming one of the most frequently-worn sneakers in street style all over the globe. Now might be a good time to take a breather from this silhouette. Whether or not fans buy into the new shoe is yet to be revealed.
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