Niu Technologies’ sweet treats and Prada for Chinese Women’s Football Team

    Electric scooter favorite Niu partners Tooos Bakery for the Year of the Dragon, while Prada designs new football uniforms and Adidas collaborates with Song for the Mute.
    Women's football players Chen Qiaozhu, Dou Jiaxing, Lou Jiahui, Liu Yanqiu, Xu Huan, Wang Linlin, Yang Lina, Yao Lingwei, Wang Yanwen, Yan Jinjin, Yao Wei, Zhang Rui and Zhu Yu in new uniforms tailor-made by Prada. Photo: Prada
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    As brands gear up for Chinese New Year, which this year falls on February 10, local names are imbuing global players with authenticity. Prada has announced another collection of uniforms for the Chinese Women’s Football Team, while Adidas has dropped a collection with Song for the Mute, elevating the sportswear giant’s signature classic sneakers.

    Finally, cult mainland bakery Tooos, famed for its fluffy block-shaped toast treats, has joined forces with one of the mainland’s most popular electric vehicle companies Niu Technologies.

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    Song for the Mute x Adidas#

    Sneakers by Song For The Mute x Adidas. Photo: Adidas
    Sneakers by Song For The Mute x Adidas. Photo: Adidas

    Details: Clothing and footwear collection, February 5

    Social context: On Weibo Song for the Mute has 11,000 fans, and on Instagram it has 93,000. On Xiaohongshu, #SFTMxAdidas has 1 million reads.


    • Sydney-based brand helmed by Cambodian-Chinese Lyna Ty and Chinese-Indonesian Melvin Tanaya, Song for the Mute's loyal WeChat following makes it a great choice for a partner in terms of localizing, but also on a global scale for innovation.
    • Reimagining silhouettes such as the Country OG, this collection’s aim is to merge old and new via a modernist approach to heritage design from the sportswear brand.
    • Song for the Mute was given full creative control. It’s an effortlessly stylish collection and campaign that highlights city backdrops, emphasizing an urban feel and positioning Adidas as not only a sportswear favorite, but a champion in the streetwear scene, too.

    Tooos Bakery x Artist Felix Spoon x Niu Technologies#

    Tooos Bakery enters the world of electric vehicles. Photo: Tooosbakery on Xiaohongshu
    Tooos Bakery enters the world of electric vehicles. Photo: Tooosbakery on Xiaohongshu

    Details: Limited-edition toast and artist-designed electric vehicles

    Social context: On Xiaohongshu, the Tooos Bakery account has just 2,335 followers, but the collab’s hashtag has 356,700 reads. Felix Spoon has 7,157 followers on the platform (317,000 on Weibo) and Niu Technologies has 42,000 (the company has 1.3 million fans on Weibo). The collaboration’s hashtag #Tooostusizhuanmendian (#Tooos吐司专门店) has 153,000 views so far.


    • Tooos Bakery, famous for its fluffy toast snacks, joined forces with the mainland’s popular Niu Technologies, teaming up both of their fan bases via a niche partnership.
    • Consumer goods companies can provide a new platform for brands to connect with a more mainstream audience, creating an accessible communication route. Not everyone can afford to buy a scooter by Niu Technologies, but they can enjoy some Tooos treats.
    • The collab provides emerging Chinese artist Felix Spoon with a platform, as well as more fans and a way of showcasing the adaptability of his art. In return, Tooos and Niu are supporting domestic talent during a national holiday, championing an authentic celebration of Chinese culture.

    Prada x Chinese Women’s Football Team#

    Prada designs uniforms for the Chinese Women's Football Team. Photo: Prada
    Prada designs uniforms for the Chinese Women's Football Team. Photo: Prada

    Details: New uniforms for the China women’s national football team

    Social context: Prada has not posted to its Western socials, portraying how this is a very local-focused project. Instead, it posted to its 3.102 million fans on Weibo.


    • Prada is marking the Year of the Dragon by collaborating with the Chinese national women’s football team, showcasing a bold reinterpretation of their image through tailor-made uniforms — a treasured partnership that connects to one of its largest consumer base.
    • The uniforms feature a striking blend of tradition and modernity, with elements like a black wool suit adorned with a purple phoenix emblem and a blue and white striped poplin shirt with a contrasting red collar, symbolizing the team's resilience and unity. Released during Year of the Dragon celebrations, it’s a great moment to be connecting with the market through celebrating local culture.
    • In Q4 2023, the Italian house reported that it was doubling down on its China business, increasing investment in the country, with larger stores, more localized products and more activations in general.
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