MCM, Loewe, and Mulberry welcome the Year of the Dragon

    For this week’s Lunar New Year collab spotlights, MCM taps Bape, Loewe partners with China’s jade carvers, and Mulberry joins forces with Mira Mikati.
    From Mulberry x Mira Mikati, to Loewe inviting Chinese jade carvers to design pendants, here are the Lunar New Year collabs to know now. Photo: Mulberry
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    As we usher in the Year of the Dragon, global luxury brands are crafting collaborations that authentically embrace Chinese culture and demonstrate their nuanced understanding of the Chinese market.

    In this week’s global collaboration spotlights, we delve into three distinct categories — streetwear, art, and jewelry — where leading names have masterfully fused traditional symbolism with contemporary design, offering a unique perspective on connecting the West with China.

    Beyond celebrating one of China’s biggest holidays, these collaborations exemplify the importance of adopting a global marketing approach. From MCM and Bape’s reunion championing streetwear to Mulberry and Mira Mikati’s colorful take on bags, and Loewe’s fine jewelry collaboration, here is our verdict on some of the latest Year of the Dragon collaborations.

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    MCM x Bape#

    From oversized graphics, to gunmetal hardware detailing, MCM's collection with Bape is luxury streetwear. Photo: MCM x BAPE
    From oversized graphics, to gunmetal hardware detailing, MCM's collection with Bape is luxury streetwear. Photo: MCM x BAPE

    Details: Year of the Dragon capsule of bags, luggage, and hoodie, January 5

    Social context: When Bape US first posted about the team-up back in December, the Instagram post raked in 39,961 likes. On the same platform, the hashtag #bapexmcm has been used in 876 organic posts. Over on Weibo, the hashtag #BAPEXMCM appears in 12,000 posts.


    • Blending MCM's innovative luxe aesthetic with Bape's streetwear edge, this collection continues a partnership that began in 2019. While both collaborations share a logo-heavy design, this latest release showcases more sophisticated styles.
    • Both brands have notable ties to streetwear culture, with Bape being popular in the early ‘90s Ura-Harajuku scene and MCM holding significance within hip-hop subcultures.
    • In 2005, Sungjoo Group, a South Korean retail business established by Sung-Joo Kim, obtained the global rights to the MCM brand from a Swiss financier. By now partnering with Japanese streetwear brand A Bathing Ape, the collaboration represents a collision of Asian powerhouses.

    Loewe x Jade Carvers#

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    Details: A jewelry capsule in collaboration with Chinese jade carvers Xiaojin Yin, Lei Cheng, and Qijing Qiu, January 4

    Social context: With house ambassador Yang Mi starring in the campaign, the collection’s Instagram posts have garnered 47,108 likes in total. On Weibo, it has gone viral: #LOEWE玉系列 (Loewe jade collection) has 10.87 million views so far.


    • For the 2024 Lunar New Year, Loewe pays homage to Chinese heritage by enlisting professional craftsmen to intricately carve symbols of Chinese mythology into the dedicated collection.
    • With a broad price range — from pendants selling at approximately $14,061 to keychains at $407 — the collection appeals to a wide range of the luxury house’s clientele.
    • Compared to last year’s much smaller Year of the Rabbit offering, this year’s extensive collection signals Loewe’s increasing focus on China and the Asian market.

    Mulberry x Mira Mikati#

    A series of Mulberry signatures have been reimagined by Mira Mikati. Photo: Mulberry
    A series of Mulberry signatures have been reimagined by Mira Mikati. Photo: Mulberry

    Details: Bags, ready-to-wear, and accessories collection, January 10

    Social context: Mulberry is yet to post about the collaboration on social media. On Instagram, Mira Mikati has 121,000 followers.


    • The reinterpretation of Mulberry signatures by an external talent results in something rare and sought-after, instantly turning them into collector’s items.
    • Opting for colorful, cartoon-like designs, Mulberry and London-based Lebanese designer Mira Mikati are leaning into Asia's love for playful luxury this Lunar New Year.
    • Mira Mikati is a designer with her own fanbase, known for creating vibrant pieces. While this marks her first collection with a luxury fashion brand, she had previously collaborated with Spanish artist Javier Calleja on a clothing capsule back in June 2023.
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