MCM celebrates Chinese New Year with Park Chinois, plus the internet’s favorite collabs of the week

    In global collabs, Korean-owned MCM Worldwide celebrates the Year of the Dragon at Park Chinois and Canada Goose x KidSuper launches.
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    In this week’s global brand collaboration column, we delve into three exciting partnerships taking place in the realms of footwear, outerwear, and luxury event activation.

    These include the innovative fusion of sport and streetwear in The Canada Goose x NBA Collection with KidSuper, the cultural celebration of Chinese New Year with MCM and luxury Chinese restaurant Park Chinois, and the trending avant-garde collaboration between Rick Owens and Dr Martens for the brand’s cutting-edge design incubator, 14XX.

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    Dr Martens x Rick Owens#

    Rick Owens and Dr Martens join forces. Photo: Dr Martens
    Rick Owens and Dr Martens join forces. Photo: Dr Martens

    Details: 1460 DMXL Megalace boot, February 8

    Social context: Dr Martens’ two posts on Instagram have over 20,000 likes altogether.


    • Rick Owens pioneers the collaboration with Dr. Martens’ innovative new category, 14XX, marking a significant evolution in their creative partnership which began back in 2021.
    • The partnership combines Dr. Martens’ robust DMXL sole unit, initially unveiled in late 2023 as part of the inaugural collection of Dr. Martens 14XX, with Rick Owens’ unmistakable design aesthetic showcased in the shoe’s upper. A fusion of Owens’ rebellious aesthetic and Dr. Martens’ subcultural spirit takes a fresh turn as they delve into uncharted territory with the introduction of the 14XX design incubator.
    • The 1460 DMXL Megalace boot epitomizes the raw and ferocious self-invention celebrated by Owens and Dr Martens. The collaboration combines the forces of the brands’ shared punk aesthetics and fashion-forward visionary style.

    Canada Goose x KidSuper x NBA#

    KidSuper joins Canada Goose and the NBA on their latest collection. Photo: Canada Goose
    KidSuper joins Canada Goose and the NBA on their latest collection. Photo: Canada Goose

    Details: Outerwear collection, February 8

    Social context: So far, Canada Goose’s posts on Instagram about the three-way collaboration have amassed 19,998 likes.


    • The Canada Goose x NBA collection with KidSuper invites fans to embark on a journey of exploration alongside Colm Dillane and his Adventure Squad as they traverse deep forests and remote mountain landscapes in search of playful experiences in the open.
    • Featuring a reversible fleece jacket with three distinctive pile heights, the collection captures the abstract topography of lush moss landscapes, characterized by rich green hues and dimensional textures, offering wearers a tactile and visually striking experience.
    • Colm Dillane, the visionary behind KidSuper, infuses the capsule with his maximalist approach. Through the four-piece collection, he continues support of the sports industry, showing how brands can invite new creativity while championing tech-forward athleisure.

    MCM x Park Chinois#

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    Details: Chinese New Year event, February 7

    Social context: On TikTok, the hashtag #mcm has 156,000 posts while #mcmworldwide has 1,254. The brand currently has 805,000 followers on Instagram.


    • MCM and Park Chinois honor the Lunar New Year by offering an exclusive gathering tailored for London’s Asian fashion creatives, fostering a sense of home away from home.
    • The partnership focuses on the significance of family meals and cultural identity in the UK, reflecting on the importance of carving out a space for these traditions in a multicultural society.
    • As part of the collaboration, Rosie Lai, co-host of the event, shared insights on the value of family meals and the role they play in preserving cultural heritage and fostering a sense of belonging. In doing so, MCM authentically connects with its APAC consumer base.
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