Mandarin Oriental’s Boucheron Quatre Afternoon Tea, plus Yvmin x Ugg

    In brand collab news, Li-Ning elevates its golf offering with emerging talent Zeng Liqi, while Mandarin Oriental launches a Boucheron afternoon tea in four hotels.
    Yvmin is the latest designer to reinterpret Ugg's trademark silhouettes. Photo: Ugg

    From luxury hotel experiences to cult footwear being reinterpreted by independent Chinese designers, this week’s collaboration spotlights foreshadow a diverse summer for brands in China.

    Li-Ning continues to amp up its devotion to high-tech performance gear – the brand has partnered with 17-year-old Chinese golfer Zeng Liqi on a collection, connecting with local young sports fanatics.

    From the opulent fusion of Boucheron with Mandarin Oriental to the technologically advanced Li-Ning collaboration with golf champion Zeng Liqi, and the avant-garde marriage of Yvmin with UGG, these tie-ups redefine boundaries and set new standards of innovation and style.

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    Boucheron x Mandarin Oriental#

    Boucheron Quatre Afternoon Tea. Photo: Boucheron
    Boucheron Quatre Afternoon Tea. Photo: Boucheron

    Details: Boucheron Quatre Afternoon Tea in four Chinese cities, from May 1 to July 31

    Social context: Boucheron has 536,000 fans on Weibo, and Mandarin Oriental has 105,000. On Xiaohongshu, #mandarinoriental has 826,700 reads, and #boucheron has 14.1 million.


    • French luxury jewelry brand Boucheron collaborated with the Mandarin Oriental hotels in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen to present a themed afternoon tea, allowing the luxury brand to connect directly with consumers in a location with prestige in the hospitality industry.
    • The afternoon tea was jointly created by the culinary teams from the four Mandarin Oriental hotels in China, drawing inspiration from Boucheron’s iconic Quatre series to interpret the power of brilliance and the essence of guardianship through delicacies.
    • Boucheron’s style is bold and free. This collab helps it cement its position as a leader in the world of high-end jewelry and watchmaking.

    Li-Ning x Zeng Liqi#

    Li-Ning has released a new golf series with Zeng Liqi at Taikoo Li Qiantan, Shanghai. Photo: Li-Ning
    Li-Ning has released a new golf series with Zeng Liqi at Taikoo Li Qiantan, Shanghai. Photo: Li-Ning

    Details: Golf collection, May 6

    Social context: Li-Ning has 445,000 fans on Weibo and 52,800 on Xiaohongshu.


    • Partnering with a golf player to promote the introduction of Li Ning ATC adaptive temperature control technology for golfers, elevates the prestige and authenticity behind the new garb. By utilizing phase change microcapsule (PCM) technology, the clothing changes temperature according to the ambient conditions, ensuring players remain comfortable. This integration not only showcases Li-Ning’s dedication to innovation, but also signifies a shift towards more technologically advanced sportswear in the golf industry.
    • Zeng’s prominence as a Chinese professional golfer aligns well with Li-Ning’s expansion into the global golf market. By partnering with a successful athlete who competes at the highest level, Li-Ning not only gains credibility within the golf community, but also leverages Zeng’s influence to reach a wider audience of golf enthusiasts.
    • By making its debut at the LPGA Championship, one of the top international professional golf events, Li-Ning demonstrates its aspiration to compete on a global scale and showcase Chinese excellence in the sport.

    Yvmin x UGG#

    Yvmin has brought the brand's more-is-more femininity to Ugg. Photo: Ugg
    Yvmin has brought the brand's more-is-more femininity to Ugg. Photo: Ugg

    Details: Deconstructed collection of Ugg classic shoes and boots, Spring 2024

    Social context: Ugg has 484,000 fans on Weibo and Yvmin has 37,000. On Xiaohongshu, Yvmin has 50,000 followers and Ugg has 68,000.


    • By incorporating Yvmin’s cutting-edge art jewelry designs with UGG’s iconic footwear, the collaboration introduces a new dimension to both brands. The use of unique upcycled metal craft to deconstruct UGG’s classic boots and Venus sandals and embellish them with avant-garde metal flowers, bows, and pearl decorations showcases a bold and innovative approach to footwear design.
    • Ugg fosters consumer engagement and creativity through partnering with a popular domestic jewelry brand, but also by inviting consumers to interpret the collection in their own way. This interactive approach not only enhances the consumer experience, but also fosters a sense of ownership and connection with the brand.
    • Yvmin is known for frequently collaborating with fashion label Shushu/Tong, reinterpreting its jewelry pieces — this time, the brand is able to enter a new product category, showing the versatility of its accessories offering.
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