Why is Jay Chou joining forces with Nike again?

    In Chinese brand collaboration news, Jay Chou’s Phantaci resurrects its 2009 Nike sneaker, Lanvin Lab unveils a touring Erwin Wurm sculpture, and Shuting Qiu launches a second Ugg capsule.
    Jay Chou is one of China's stars who have ventured into streetwear, joining Jackson Wang's Team Wang. Photo: Getty Images
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    Luxury brick-and-mortar businesses need more than well-curated stores and attentive employees to attract consumers in 2024 – this is the era of flagship locations becoming creative hubs, and deploying the work of the world’s most esteemed artists for activations.

    This is the strategy Lanvin is taking with its latest Lanvin Lab move, which follows on from a 2023 collaboration with American rapper Future. Austrian artist Erwin Wurm has sculpted his trademark otherworldliness for an art installation featuring a Lanvin bag sat atop long limbs that is touring Lanvin stores in major Chinese cities.

    Also in this week’s China brand collaboration roundup, we focus on superstar Jay Chou’s Phantaci brand joining forces with Nike, and Ugg tapping independent Chinese label Shuting Qiu for a second round.

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    Lanvin x Erwin Wurm#

    Lanvin Lab debuts Erwin Wurm sculpture. Photo: Lanvin
    Lanvin Lab debuts Erwin Wurm sculpture. Photo: Lanvin

    Details: Lanvin Lab project x Erwin Wurm sculpture outside SKP shopping center (Beijing)

    Social context: #ErwinWurm has 84,000 reads on Weibo and Lanvin has 540 million, and over 8,000 on Xiaohongshu, where Lanvin has 57,500 followers and 41.7 million reads.


    • Lanvin elevates the art of fashion with Wurm's “walking bag” sculpture, a blend of the house’s signature and prestigious artwork, showcasing the brand's creative ethos. It follows on from the Lanvin Lab collection by American rapper Future.
    • Wurm's anthropomorphic creation, titled Desire, challenges perceptions of luxury and desire, using Lanvin’s iconic blue to redefine the boundaries of fashion artistry.
    • From Beijing to Shanghai, Nanjing, Chengdu, Shenzhen, and Shenyang, Wurm's Lanvin masterpiece will journey across China, attracting consumers to the brand’s brick-and-mortar locations and active social media coverage in this crucial market.

    Ugg x Shuting Qiu#

    Ugg x Shuting Qiu for Spring 2024. Photo: Ugg
    Ugg x Shuting Qiu for Spring 2024. Photo: Ugg

    Details: Platform Ugg Sandals and printed T-shirt

    Social context: Shuting Qiu has 161,000 followers on Weibo, and #shutingqiu has 650,800 reads on Xiaohongshu.


    • Ugg and Shuting Qiu dive deep into creativity with their second collaboration, drawing inspiration from the flowers of the sea to craft a collection that celebrates freedom and regeneration.
    • Hailing from the prestigious Royal Academy in Antwerp, Qiu's creative prowess shines through as she continues to expand her horizons. She recently partnered with Estée Lauder and curated an exquisite afternoon tea set for The Middle House, a luxury haven in Swire Properties' portfolio.
    • This partnership not only showcases the strength and qualities of women, but also underscores a shared commitment to sustainability, utilizing

    green materials and advocating for environmental protection, fostering an appreciation for the ocean's beauty and significance.

    Phantaci x Nike#

    The Nike Air Max 1 “The Grand Piano“ released in Taipei in a limited run of just 400 pairs
    The Nike Air Max 1 “The Grand Piano“ released in Taipei in a limited run of just 400 pairs

    Details: Phantaci x Nike Air Max 1 Grand Piano, release date TBC

    Social context: Jay Chou’s (周杰倫) hashtag has 30.29 billion reads on Weibo, while #phantaci has 140 million.


    • Nike rebounds with a strategic move, tapping into the star power of Jay Chou to fill the celebrity void left by Edison Chen's departure to Adidas, showcasing the brand's adaptability and agility in the ever-evolving world of fashion.
    • Phantaci, the brainchild of Chou and Ric Chiang, emerges as a key player in Nike's comeback narrative, leveraging its status in sneakers and Chinese streetwear, to breathe new life into their collaboration.
    • One of the most popular singers in the Chinese-speaking world, Chou has a fanbase that rivals many top-tier celebs. His songs are consistently at the top of the charts as a major household name in China, meaning the first Phantaci x Nike sneaker of 2009 naturally went viral. Success will hinge on consumer nostalgia and sneaker culture.

    • Leading Chinese popstar Jay Chou's label Phantaci is joining forces with Nike to resurrect its 2009 sneakers 15 years on. For context on the star's popularity: Jay Chou’s (周杰倫) hashtag has 30.29 billion reads on Weibo.
    • Following on from Lanvin Lab's capsule with rapper Future, the brand is collaborating with artist Erwin Wurm on a sculpture that will travel around its boutiques in Chinese cities.
    • For a second time, Ugg has invited Chinese designer Shuting Qiu to co-create a capsule. This time, it is of sandals and T-shirts, projecting how the household name is connecting with the China market and championing local labels.
    • Attracting consumers via installations and art collaboration is one safe way for luxury brands to ensure their brick-and-mortar spaces do not go stale. In a similar way to Lanvin Lab, Valentino tapped Melting Sadness recently for a huge cake installation.
    • More and more global brands are working with Chinese designers — such as Ugg with Shuting Qiu. Long-term footwear partnerships have proven to be a cult move, thanks to the likes of Wales Bonner x Adidas, or Aimé Leon Dore x New Balance — establishing a durable partner is a magic move financially for brands to stay relevant.
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