How to win Chinese luxury fans: Unleash the next generation

    From Sun Yitian artworks at Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Fall 2024 show in Shanghai to Yang Zi-designed jewelry at APM Monaco, this week's brand collaborations spotlight a new era.
    Chinese actress Yang Zi for APM Monaco. Photo: APM Monaco
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    A millennial contemporary artist from Zhejiang province, Sun Yitian has already achieved what most creatives can only dream of for their entire careers: a Louis Vuitton collaboration. The Pre-Fall 2024 show, staged in Shanghai on April 18, presented a Nicolas Ghesquiere collection featuring artworks by the emerging Chinese talent.

    Unlike past Louis Vuitton collaborators Yayoi Kusama or Damien Hirst, who boast storied histories, Sun’s first ever solo show was only in 2023. The collab marks a new stage in the evolution of historical luxury houses borrowing contemporary creativity from the freshest new talents.

    Also in brand collaboration news this week, Chinese actress Yang Zi co-designed a jewelry collection with APM Monaco, while Tumi and McLaren are hosting a pop-up for their new bag capsule, timed to coincide with the Chinese Grand Prix.

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    Sun Yitian x Louis Vuitton#

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    Details: Pre-Fall 2024 collection

    Social context: The collection’s hashtag LV24zaoqiunuzhuangxilie (#LV24早秋女装系列) has 170 million reads on Weibo. On Xiaohongshu, the same hashtag has 4.89 million views.


    • Though not well known in the West (Sun has just 5,671 followers on Instagram), Sun Yitian’s presence is growing in China. The Beijing-based artist has previously worked with K11 Musea on an installation, exhibited at the National Museum of Art in China, and presented her first solo exhibition in Paris at the Esther Schipper gallery.
    • Louis Vuitton often works with major artists on collections. To work with an emerging name conveys the house’s desire to connect authentically with China for the Pre-Fall runway show staged in Shanghai.
    • The French house provides Sun with support and a platform, as well as cementing her in the luxury industry. Simultaneously, Louis Vuitton is able to present a collection popping with Sun’s trademark vibrant shades that is injected with fresh creativity.

    APM Monaco x Yang Zi#

    Designing a capsule for APM Monaco, Yang Zi connects the jewelry brand to Chinese fans. Photo: APM Monaco
    Designing a capsule for APM Monaco, Yang Zi connects the jewelry brand to Chinese fans. Photo: APM Monaco

    Details: Jewelry collection, April 22

    Social context: The APM Monaco collaboration hashtag (#APMMonaco限定合作系列) has 9.18 million reads on Weibo, where Yang Zi has 62.24 million fans. On Xiaohongshu, APM Monaco has 135,200 followers, while Yang Zi’s hashtag has 5.1 billion reads.


    • In 1992, APM Monaco was one of the first foreign jewelry brands to enter the Chinese market. It has therefore evolved with China and has closely focused on its long-term consumer base in the market. Collaborating with actress Yang effectively maintains that strategy.
    • A Valentino ambassador, Yang is sought after by luxury labels as a collaborator. The partnership positions APM Monaco as a top-tier brand, providing it with extensive reach in the mainland.
    • While the collab’s level of engagement is high on Chinese social media, the Instagram announcement has just over 1,700 likes on APM Monaco’s account, reflecting how this move is mostly for China.

    Tumi x McLaren#

    Tumi has been the Luggage Partner of the McLaren Formula 1 Team and McLaren Automotive since 2019. Photo: Tumi x McLaren
    Tumi has been the Luggage Partner of the McLaren Formula 1 Team and McLaren Automotive since 2019. Photo: Tumi x McLaren

    Details: Bag capsule, April 16

    Social context: On Weibo, McLaren China has 182,000 fans, while Tumi has 402,000. Over on Xiaohongshu, #Tumi has 22.3 million reads, and McLaren has 129.8 million.


    • An extension of their existing partnership, Tumi and McLaren produced this timely merchandise to coincide with the Chinese Formula 1 championship, which took place in Shanghai on Sunday. The activation highlights the brand collaboration opportunities that car racing offers.
    • To capitalize on the F1 Chinese Grand Prix, Tumi and McLaren are hosting a pop-up store on the first floor of Jing’an Kerry Center shopping mall in Shanghai featuring the capsule collection — consumers can enjoy an interactive experience with high-tech visuals, emphasizing the technicality of the collection.
    • Designed for everyday travelers and the British off-road Extreme E racing team, the Tumi x McLaren bag collection pays homage to sustainable design. “As two brands dedicated to innovation and functionality, we’re passionate about this partnership and creating products that reflect our shared values,” said Jill Krizelman, SVP, E-commerce and Global Marketing, Tumi.
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