From museums to e-commerce: Luxury fashion’s multi-pronged approach to China

    From Chanel teaming up with the Power Station of Art museum to Espace Louis Vuitton Beijing, luxury fashion has its eyes set on China’s cultural institutions.
    Albert Oehlen Malerei: Selected Works from the Collection is being exhibited at Espace Louis Vuitton Beijing through to October 2024. Photo: Albert Oehlen Malerei
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    This week in China, three luxury partnerships showcase today’s intersection of luxury and fashion, art and e-commerce.

    Chanel has partnered with the Power Station of Art (PSA), a municipal contemporary art museum in Huangpu, Shanghai, to enhance its art chops. The long-term partnership will create the “Gabrielle Chanel Space” and support sustainable restoration and research, aligning Chanel’s heritage of artistic sponsorship with PSA’s mission of innovation and cross-cultural cooperation.

    Meanwhile, Albert Oehlen’s works are the latest art pieces to be exhibited at Espace Louis Vuitton Beijing. And finally, LVMH and Alibaba have renewed their e-commerce partnership, demonstrating the power of pairs in China’s online ecosystem.

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    Chanel x Power Station of Art#

    The Chanel PSA partnership illustrates the French house's commitment to the market. Image: Shanghai Power Station of Art
    The Chanel PSA partnership illustrates the French house's commitment to the market. Image: Shanghai Power Station of Art

    Details: Long-term partnership, May 27

    Social context: On Xiaohongshu, the Shanghai Contemporary Museum of Art hashtag (#上海当代美术馆) has 11 million reads, while #Chanel has 3.66 billion.


    • The Power Station of Art (PSA) is mainland China’s first state-owned contemporary art museum. It emphasizes continuous self-renewal and development. As a young urban art space, it aims to provide an open platform for contemporary culture, eliminating barriers between art and life, and promoting cross-cultural cooperation.
    • PSA’s long-term partnership with Chanel seeks to advance Chinese cultural institutions and establish a global cultural brand in Shanghai. Chanel’s renowned luxury and creativity will support PSA in promoting innovation and cultural development, reflecting Gabrielle Chanel’s art sponsorship heritage.
    • The collaboration includes upgrading PSA’s third floor into the “Gabrielle Chanel Space.” It will include diverse cultural and educational facilities, restoration of PSA’s chimney as an independent art space, and enriching PSA’s collections and research capabilities. The partnership will enhance PSA’s global influence and commitment to Shanghai's urban culture.

    “Painting” by Albert Oehlen at Espace Louis Vuitton Beijing#

    Espace Louis Vuitton Beijing. Image: Louis Vuitton
    Espace Louis Vuitton Beijing. Image: Louis Vuitton

    Details: Exhibition, from May 27 through October 8

    Social context: The “Louis Vuitton Beijing espace cultural and art space” hashtag (#路易威登北京 espace 文化艺术空间) has 4.48 million reads on Weibo, and 19,300 on Xiaohongshu.


    • The Louis Vuitton Foundation’s Beyond the Walls project, including the Espace Louis Vuitton in Beijing, aims to engage a broad international audience in the Foundation’s mission. The exhibition Paintings showcases six previously unexhibited works from its collection.
    • Running from May 24 to October 27, 2024, the exhibition features six paintings by Albert Oehlen. Oehlen, influenced by Berlin’s punk culture and the Neue Wilde movement, challenges traditional art hierarchies and conventions through his neo-expressionist style.
    • Oehlen’s work is characterized by a mix of abstraction and figuration, employing techniques like collage and diverse materials to question and reinvent the medium of painting. His practice draws on influences from artists like Gerhard Richter and Georg Baselitz, aiming to reshape art history while opposing established norms.

    LVMH x Alibaba#

    LVMH will leverage Alibaba’s cloud technologies, through AI-powered innovations in retail and on-line with Tmall. Image: LVMH
    LVMH will leverage Alibaba’s cloud technologies, through AI-powered innovations in retail and on-line with Tmall. Image: LVMH

    Details: E-commerce partnership

    Social context: #LVMH has 120 million reads on Weibo, and Alibaba has 963,000​.


    • LVMH Group and Alibaba Group have extended their partnership for another five years. It covers Alibaba’s cloud technologies and AI-powered retail innovations. The collab will enhance LVMH’s access to a wider range of Alibaba Cloud’s technological capabilities.
    • With over 30 maisons and divisions in mainland China and Southeast Asia, LVMH is committed to pioneering retail innovation and tech-driven luxury experiences. The partnership aims to boost LVMH’s omni-channel, data, and tech presence in China through Alibaba’s cloud solutions.
    • LVMH is implementing Alibaba Cloud’s generative AI, including Qwen and Model Studio, to enhance its tech infrastructure. Stephane Bianchi, LVMH Group Managing Director, said that the partnership will accelerate growth and deliver exceptional high-end shopping experiences.
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