Chinese popstar Fei on being Monica Vinader’s latest muse

    Chinese singer and actress Wang Feifei discusses China’s lunar symbolism, female empowerment, and Monica Vinader.
    In an exclusive interview with Jing Daily, Chinese star Fei breaks down her collab with Monica Vinader. Photo: Monica Vinader
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    K-pop idol-turned-Chinese solo singer and actress Wang Feifei, or simply “Fei,” had the opportunity to design her first jewelry collection last month, nearly a decade into her career, thanks to the accessible luxury label Monica Vinader.

    Launched globally on May 13, the 12-piece collection fuses Fei’s love for the moon with British craftsmanship, demonstrating how Western brands are increasingly championing Chinese talent to capture the global market.

    By frequently inviting celebrities to design their own collections, Monica Vinader capitalizes on the fan power driving purchases in 2024. This strategy is a golden ticket to building a loyal consumer base: Fei boasts 997,000 followers on Instagram, 1.1 million on Xiaohongshu, and over 10 million on Weibo.

    We caught up with the star to discuss her experience co-designing her first jewelry collection, the significance of the moon in Chinese culture, and the impact of celebrity-led purchasing.

    How did you bring your personality to the Monica Vinader collection?

    “Monica Vinader is a brand full of female power, and I have always championed the notion of ​​being a powerful woman. From my single ‘Hello’ released in 2018 to the album ‘Fearless’ released in 2021 and the EP ‘Take a Pose’ released in 2024, all of them are based on this point of view, hoping to awaken, call on, and encourage more girls to be brave to be themselves, be brave to ‘Say No!’ and bravely accept their imperfect selves.”

    The 12 new amazonite and mixed metal styles are inspired by Fei’s love for the moon. Photo: Monica Vinader
    The 12 new amazonite and mixed metal styles are inspired by Fei’s love for the moon. Photo: Monica Vinader

    Is this Monica Vinader collection your first foray into jewelry? How did you find the design process?

    “Yes, this is my first time officially collaborating with a brand on co-branded jewelry. I am very grateful that Monica Vinader gave me a lot of inspiration and creative space during the cooperation process. She also invited me to London and [to visit] her studio in Norfolk.

    “I discussed the idea of ​​our co-branded series with their design team. We also selected materials on the spot. In the first version of the plan, we submitted a total of more than 30 single product designs. After further discussions, research on craftsmanship, proofing, and repeated adjustments for one year, we finally decided on the styles you see now! The whole design process made me fully feel Monica’s professionalism and learn a lot of jewelry knowledge.”

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    Did any Chinese elements inspire the collection?

    “In fact, the moon itself is a very important element in Chinese culture. Ancient poets would use the moon to describe their feelings of longing, and people today also place their feelings of longing on the moon.

    “Therefore, the moon is also a kind of connection that has spanned thousands of years for the Chinese. In terms of imagery, the moon also symbolizes women. [By] incorporating the moon element into Monica Vinader, [we also hope] that the wearer can be enveloped by the gentle and powerful power of women, no matter where [they] are now.”

    Do you think young Chinese consumers want to see brands collaborate with their favorite celebrities?

    “I think it’s not just China, nor is it just young consumers. The form of joint series between brands and celebrities has always been everywhere, but young consumers today are particularly open to the idea.

    “When the celebrity you pay attention to and like happens to cooperate with the brand you like, of course you will be very happy. Myself included, I will also pay attention to the cooperation series between my favorite celebrities and my favorite brands.”

    What fashion or jewelry trends are you loving at the moment?

    “I like a lot of jewelry, including colored gemstones and pearls. This time, our collection has a special mix of gold and silver. In the past, everyone liked to only wear gold alone or silver alone. Gold is often more ‘old money’ and silver is more casual, but often my bags or clothes buttons or suitable belts cannot be fully adapted to suit just one.

    “This time, everyone can achieve the freedom of wearing gold with silver, and the colored gemstone series can also be perfectly stacked along with it. You can also [customize it as you like], whether that is hanging it on a bag, hanging it on a mobile phone, etc. [You’re] not limited to the traditional single-color matching method.”

    This interview was edited for clarity

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