China’s Gen Z loves ENG Concept’s Jaded Ldn debut

    In brand collaboration news this week, Simone Rocha’s Crocs are given a release date, Pop Mart collaborates with Anta, and ENG Concept introduces Jaded Ldn to China.
    Attendees at the ENG Concept launch event for Jaded Ldn. Photo: ENG Concept
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    Though Shanghai Fashion Week ended yesterday, some brands are taking advantage of the fashion industry’s eyes being on the mainland. Leading independent retailer ENG Concept celebrated the launch of Jaded Ldn in China, a Y2K brand that already has a large Chinese Gen Z following.

    Turning to sportswear, Anta has teamed up with domestic toy powerhouse Pop Mart on dedicated sneakers and toys. Finally, Irish-Cantonese designer Simone Rocha’s much-anticipated embellished Crocs have finally been given a release date.

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    ENG Concept x Jaded Ldn#

    ENG Concept unveiled an installation and event to debut Jaded Ldn to the China market. Photo: ENG Concept
    ENG Concept unveiled an installation and event to debut Jaded Ldn to the China market. Photo: ENG Concept

    Details: Exclusive launch of 2000 Archives collaborative collection, and pop-up installation, March 23

    Social context: #ENG has 1.9 million reads on Xiaohongshu, and 1,527 followers on the platform, where #jadedlondon has 25.9 million views, and 4,415 followers.


    • After opening an account on Xiaohongshu, Jaded Ldn has tapped multi-brand retailer ENG Concept to enter the Chinese market. It is the first brick-and-mortar space in the mainland to sell the brand’s collection, as well as its archival pieces.
    • Judging by Xiaohongshu data, Jaded Ldn already had a following in the mainland despite only just officially launching there. The Y2K nostalgia that the brand famously peddles is a hit among Chinese Gen Z consumers, who dominate the social media platform.
    • Launching the South Korea-based brand 2000 Archives’ collaboration with Jaded Ldn at ENG Concept is the optimal moment to connect with Asian consumers, as the first collaboration with the market. Also, a pop-up is being held in Seoul, South Korea.

    Anta x Pop Mart x Molly#

    Pop Mart's Molly IP is the latest Anta feature. Photo: Anta
    Pop Mart's Molly IP is the latest Anta feature. Photo: Anta

    Details: Molly’s Day collection of Anta footwear silhouettes and toys, March 30

    Social context: Anta has 3 million fans on Weibo, and 131,500 followers on Xiaohongshu. Pop Mart has 667,200 followers on Xiaohongshu, where #molly has 194.2 million reads.


    • The collaboration between Anta and Pop Mart’s classic Molly's Day series demonstrates a creative fusion of fashion, art, and playfulness. A collection aimed at young Chinese consumers.
    • From a removable acrylic pendant in the shape of Molly TV Show to the sneaker’s spliced tongues forming a TV graphic, the partners have merged the signifiers they are known for in thoughtful design choices.
    • Anta and Pop Mart are both household names in the mainland, so this is a blockbuster collaboration with extensive reach that bridges the sportswear and toy industries.

    Simone Rocha x Crocs#

    Simone Rocha has brought her more-is-more, all frills aesthetic to Crocs. photo: Crocs
    Simone Rocha has brought her more-is-more, all frills aesthetic to Crocs. photo: Crocs

    Details: Three Crocs silhouettes, April 10

    Social context: The three posts on Simone Rocha’s Instagram (907,000 followers) have garnered around 16,200 likes in total. On Weibo, #SimoneRocha has 43.47 million reads and on Xiaohongshu, 15.4 million. Whereas, #Crocs has 40.47 million, and 486.7 million, respectively.


    • After previewing at London Fashion Week Spring 2024 in September last year, Simone Rocha’s embellished take on the footwear is being released – designers are Crocs’ gateway to the runway. The US footwear business has previously released collab versions with Balenciaga and Feng Chen Wang.
    • Simone Rocha’s usual footwear offering sits at a much higher price than Crocs, so this is an opportunity for fans of the brand to access its pieces at a more affordable price.
    • Having recently gone viral for her Jean Paul Gaultier guest-couturier collection for Spring 2024, Rocha is proving that her distinct aesthetic (and cult community), is one that many brands want in on.

    • ENG Concept store is the first Chinese retailer to welcome Jaded Ldn, launching with the Korean brand 2000s archives collaboration. On Gen Z-dominated platform Xiaohongshu, #jadedlondon has 25.9 million views.
    • Anta and Pop Mart are leading names in their respective industries, making their collaborative collection a major route for combined mainstream exposure. The Molly IP is seen on signature sneaker styles, launching March 30th.
    • Following on from Balenciaga and Feng Chen Wang, Simone Rocha is the latest to reinterpret the Crocs footwear silhouettes.
    • From toys tapping sportswear to create elevated merchandise, to fashion designers reinterpreting accessible, instantly-recognizable favorites, collaboration has become a common way to extend into new categories and leverage new reach.
    • Without local retailers, will global names - such as jaded Ldn - have a chance with the Chinese market or do other brands need to take note?
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