Coach taps Chinese podcasters and Heytea jumps on ‘Blossoms Shanghai’ hype

    This weeks brand collabs-to-know winning over Chinese consumers, from pop culture favorites to coffee stores and inspiring podcast episodes.
    Leveraging the power of movie merchandise, Heytea has collaborated with Blossoms Shanghai. Photo: Blossoms Shanghai
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    Veering away from the plethora of Lunar New Year collaborations, this week’s Chinese brand collaboration spotlights encompass popular culture, coffee’s intersection with streetwear, and luxury’s embrace of podcasts.

    American fashion house Coach has connected with Chinese podcast app Xiaoyuzhou, while Heytea has partnered with new hyped TV series Blossoms Shanghai, and Green House Cafe has something tasty in store.

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    Heytea x Blossoms Shanghai#

    Heytea and Blossoms Shanghai partner to promote the new television series. Photo: Heytea Weibo
    Heytea and Blossoms Shanghai partner to promote the new television series. Photo: Heytea Weibo

    Details: Co-branded Lunar New Year drink, January 31st

    Social context: 8.94 million reads of the dedicated Weibo hashtag Aichahuahuajoint (#爱茶花花joint).


    • Heytea’s partnership with cult series Blossoms Shanghai comprises a unique intersection between a beloved beverage brand and the hugely popular new TV series.
    • The beverage and activations serve as a creative advertising campaign for Blossoms Shanghai, leveraging Heytea’s widespread popularity to promote the series to a mainstream audience in China. Through the co-branded drink and associated merchandise, the partnership is generating buzz around the show, enticing viewers to engage with its storyline and characters.
    • By aligning with a trending TV series like Blossoms Shanghai, Heytea reinforces its status as a culturally relevant brand. This strategic move helps Heytea maintain its position as a popular brand deeply ingrained in contemporary Chinese pop culture.

    Green House Cafe x Barising & Coffeerising#

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    Details: Co-branded Lunar New Year drink, January 31st

    Social context: On Xiaohongshu, #gzgreenhousecafe has 694,600 views, and Green House Cafe has 4,500 followers. Barising has 424 followers on the same platform, and #Barising has 212,100 views.


    • By combining their expertise in coffee and cocktail making, the partners offer a new take-away cocktail experience that celebrates the art of mixology and highlights quality and innovation.
    • The introduction of a series of handcrafted cocktails, with each bottle signed by the mixologist who crafted it, adds a personal touch and elevates the drinking experience to an artistic level. This emphasis on individual craftsmanship not only enhances the perceived value of the cocktails, but also enables customers to connect with the stories behind each creation.
    • Green House Cafe’s alignment with trends such as coffee culture merging with streetwear, as evidenced by collaborations with brands like Vans and its own merchandise line, positions it as a trendy urban hotspot. It caters to the tastes of its target audience in Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

    Coach x Xiaoyuzhou#

    Jing Daily

    Details: Three podcast episodes, two released on February 5, the other on February 6

    Social context: On Xiaohongshu, Coach has 123,000 followers, but hasn’t posted about this collaboration.


    • Coach collaborated with niche local podcast app Xiaoyuzhou to intimately connect with Chinese consumers. The choice of topics – dressing, work, socializing, and marriage – reflects Coach’s understanding of the diverse pressures faced by young people, especially during the New Year period. By addressing these topics through the lens of “living in your own way,” Coach not only aligns with its brand message of individuality, but also offers practical insights and advice that resonate with consumers navigating various aspects of their lives.
    • Each of the popular podcasters involved in the episodes, such as Heartbeat Girl, Expelliarmus, Meaning Beyond Swallowing, and Libido, demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to engaging with Chinese consumers.
    • By encouraging self-reflection and embracing personal growth, Coach positions itself not only as a luxury fashion house, but as a brand that genuinely cares about the well-being and empowerment of its audience, fostering long-term loyalty and engagement.
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