Cassina taps China’s hypebeasts with Team Wang

    Jackson Wang’s streetwear brand releases a Cassina Utrecht chair, Li-Ning joins forces with Ninepointnine, and Caroline Hu’s Adidas Originals sneakers go on sale.
    Cassina joins Team Wang. Photo: Team Wang
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    From Edison Chen utilizing his partnership with Adidas Originals to champion Chinese designers, to renowned Italian manufacturing company Cassina co-designing a collection with Jackson Wang’s streetwear brand Team Wang, May is an exciting month for brand collaborations hailing from the mainland.

    Also launching last week, fellow sportswear/streetwear brands Li-Ning and Ninepointnine have come together on a technical collab. Read on for our verdict on these, and subscribe here to receive weekly updates via the Jing Daily Collaborations newsletter.

    Team Wang Design x Cassina#

    The Utrecht chair by Team Wang and Cassina. Image: Team Wang Design
    The Utrecht chair by Team Wang and Cassina. Image: Team Wang Design

    Details: Cassina Utrecht chair, May 18

    Social context: Team Wang Design has 158,000 followers on Weibo, where #TeamwangdesignxCassina has just 24,000 reads, but #Teamwangdesign has 660 million. On Xiaohongshu, Cassina has 20,000 followers.


    • The collaboration between Team Wang Design and Cassina is focused on merging modern design with traditional Chinese philosophy. The reinterpretation of the Utrecht armchair emphasizes the balance and harmony of Yin and Yang through its black and white color scheme, representing the fusion of opposing forces. This symbolic approach enhances the chair's aesthetic and philosophical depth.
    • A combination of signature design approaches, the Utrecht armchair features Team Wang Design’s metallic eye embellishments on the armrests. Fans of the brand can have an element of its existing identity in their home, while simultaneously purchasing an iconic Cassina piece.
    • There is also an offline exhibition in Zhangyuan, Shanghai, to promote the collection. This approach not only ensures accessibility for interested customers, but also enhances brand visibility and engagement through direct interaction with the product in a curated exhibition setting.

    Li-Ning x Ninepointnine#

    Li-Ning x Ninepointnine's collection is totle 'Time Gate.' Photo: Li-Ning
    Li-Ning x Ninepointnine's collection is totle 'Time Gate.' Photo: Li-Ning

    Details: Apparel collection, May 18

    Social context: Li-Ning has 446,000 followers on Weibo.


    • The “Time Gate” collection by Li-Ning and Ninepointnine draws from China’s rich architectural heritage, specifically celebrating the 'gray tiles' culture. These unglazed, grayish-blue tiles, known for their simplicity and beauty, serve as a symbol of ancient Chinese architecture. This collaboration therefore invites consumers to reconnect with China’s past while appreciating the enduring elegance of these traditional materials.
    • Enhancing both Ninepointnine and Li-Ning’s reputations for tech-wear, the collection features innovative waterproof fabrics and advanced craftsmanship, producing lightweight jackets, tops, shorts, and bottoms that are not only stylish but also highly functional for both urban commuting and outdoor activities.
    • The collaboration highlights the use of cutting-edge fabric technology and superior craftsmanship. The waterproof materials and lightweight construction demonstrate a commitment to functionality without sacrificing style. This approach reflects a modern reinterpretation of traditional elements, making the collection suitable for contemporary lifestyles while paying homage to historical Chinese architecture.

    Adidas Originals x Caroline Hu#

    Caroline Hu x Adidas Originals' collection titled 'Reverie.' Photo: Adidas Originals
    Caroline Hu x Adidas Originals' collection titled 'Reverie.' Photo: Adidas Originals

    Details: Footwear collection, May 24

    Social context: Adidas Originals has 2.28 million fans on Weibo, where #carolinehu has 29,000 reads.


    • A dynamic collaboration combining the established legacy of Adidas Originals with the innovative creativity of Caroline Hu, this partnership has been facilitated by Edison Chen. It highlights Hu’s recognition in the industry through accolades like the LVMH Young Designer Award and the BoF China Prize.
    • Central to this collection is Hu’s exploration of human relationships and emotional landscapes. This thematic depth not only enriches the collection, but also aligns with Adidas Originals’ narrative-driven approach, elevating the brand’s classic codes through an elevated lens.
    • The use of soft, delicate materials such as lace and textured silk in a sophisticated color palette of blue, pink, black, and off-white, brings a unique romance to the classically sporty Adidas Originals brand.
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