Cartier gets edgy with local store Neith

    Cartier collaborates with niche eyewear store Neith, while Liberaiders is the latest to design Puma Suede sneakers, and Goldwin taps Same Paper.
    Cartier joins Neith among this week's Chinese brand collaboration spotlights. Photo: Cartier
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    Whether it is East-to-West streetwear, luxury retail pop-ups, or utility-wear collisions, collaboration offers extensive potential for new opportunities, as shown by this week’s Chinese highlights.

    From the celebrated Puma Suede model being reinterpreted by Liberaiders, to the luxurious intersection of iconic eyewear and retail in Cartier and Neith's pop-up, and the seamless integration of form and function in the Goldwin collaboration with Same Paper, these collaborations exemplify the dynamic synergies that drive the industry forward.

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    Liberaiders x Puma#

    Puma brings back 80s Beijing rock music with Liberaiders. Photo: Puma
    Puma brings back 80s Beijing rock music with Liberaiders. Photo: Puma

    Details: Puma Suede footwear, June 8

    Social context: On Xiaohongshu, #liberaiders has 5.3 million reads and #liberaiders_puma has 113,000.


    • In the 1980s, China’s emerging rock music scene inspired a sense of freedom and independence among young people. Mei Yong, founder of Liberaiders, was deeply influenced by rock culture during his high school years through cassette tape exchanges, a passion that laid the foundation for his future endeavors in streetwear design.
    • After studying in Japan and immersing himself in Harajuku’s vibrant rock scene, Yong founded Liberaiders, a streetwear label. His experiences in the rock hubs of China and Japan shaped his brand’s aesthetic and ethos. His connection with Gao Qi, a pioneer of Chinese rock music and founder of rock outfit Overload, further influenced his creative journey – all of which is brought to this Puma collaboration.
    • Yong and Gao, along with rockstars Ouyang and Huang Shaofeng, reunite in the Puma x Liberaiders collaboration. This partnership reimagines Puma’s classic Suede sneaker, celebrating the influence of rock music on the brand’s design. The “Band of Liberaiders” campaign honors the generation of music leaders that significantly impacted the brand’s identity and style.

    Cartier and Neith#

    Cartier's collection is now available at Nith. Photo: Cartier
    Cartier's collection is now available at Nith. Photo: Cartier

    Details: Pop-up store, from May 31

    Social context: #Neith has 38,000 reads on Xiaohongshu, while #cartier has 159.5 million.


    • Known as the “Emperor's jeweler” with nearly 200 years of history, Cartier continues to captivate with its exceptional craftsmanship and unique style. The brand’s recent eyewear collections have gained popularity among rappers, street dancers, skaters, and other fashion-forward individuals, showcasing a blend of classic elegance and contemporary flair.
    • Neith, a multi-brand eyewear store, has collaborated with Cartier for a limited-time store event. This partnership brings together street trend culture and Cartier’s fashion classics, infusing new vitality and charm into eyewear fashion. The pop-up stores in Beijing and Shanghai will feature Cartier’s 2024 S/S series, along with iconic collections like the Santos Series, Cheetah Series, and C Logo Series.
    • Immersive shopping experience: Visitors to the Neith pop-up store will have the opportunity to explore a variety of Cartier eyewear collections and be immersed in the brand’s stories.

    Goldwin x Same Paper#

    Goldwin x Same Paper capsule collection Work From Wild is coming soon. Photo: Goldwin
    Goldwin x Same Paper capsule collection Work From Wild is coming soon. Photo: Goldwin

    Details: Capsule collection, June 14

    Social context: On Xiaohongshu, #goldwin has 5 million reads, and #samepaper has 625,800.


    • The Work From Wild collection by Goldwin and Same Paper blurs the boundaries between work and hiking. It was inspired by a creative drive that merges the professional and natural environments. This concept is vividly portrayed in the collection’s design and presentation, showcasing office elements intertwined with nature-themed motifs.
    • There are practical items such as high storage capacity waterproof shorts, quick-drying T-shirts, and socks, all designed with prints that reflect the theme, including office chairs with stone parts and hiking routes. These designs emphasize versatility and the seamless integration of work and play.
    • Seeing as the collection will debut at a pop-up store in Hatagaya Gallery Commune, Tokyo on Thursday, with wider availability at Goldwin direct stores, official websites, and select The North Face stores starting June 20, there is a staggered release, which naturally builds anticipation and caters to early adopters and brand enthusiasts.
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