Collab king BMW crowned world’s best-selling luxury automaker

    BMW has become the world’s best-selling luxury automaker after selling 2,253,835 vehicles in 2023.
    Photo: Kith x BMW
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    It’s official: BMW has secured the title of the best-selling luxury automaker in the world.

    The German marque has driven its way to an unprecedented victory in the luxury automobile market, delivering an outstanding performance that surpassed its competitors by a substantial margin.

    BMW’s stellar 2023 sales figure of 2,253,835 vehicles set a new record, boasting a 7 percent increase from the previous year, according to Automobile News.

    Notably, BMW's brand collaboration strategy has been instrumental in its sales success. The collaboration with Kith, recognized as the 2023 GQ Car Collaboration of the Year, played a pivotal role in enhancing BMW's stylish reputation. This partnership resonated particularly with Gen Zers and millennials, contributing to the brand's overall cultural capital.

    Additionally, the Puma capsule collection, showcased in a December 2023 exhibition alongside Roy Lichtenstein's BMW art car, further elevated BMW's status in the eyes of enthusiasts and collectors alike.

    Roy Lichtenstein's BMW art car served as inspiration for the Puma x BMW clothing collection. Photo: BMW
    Roy Lichtenstein's BMW art car served as inspiration for the Puma x BMW clothing collection. Photo: BMW

    BMW's remarkable sales were not limited to traditional models and collaborations; the electric vehicle (EV) sector also emerged as a driving force. With offerings such as the all-electric i7 and the attention-grabbing XM “Label Red” hybrid, BMW's EV sales soared by an impressive 92 percent year-over-year, constituting 14 percent of the total sales. The company's commitment to innovation and sustainability has propelled it to the forefront of the EV revolution.

    While BMW's competitors struggle to keep pace, the German automaker's success in 2023 showcases a winning formula that blends innovation, strategic collaborations, and a robust EV lineup, setting a new standard in the fiercely competitive luxury automobile market.

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