Xiaohongshu spotlights local labels on Shanghai streets

    Coinciding with Shanghai Fashion Week, the third installment of Xiaohongshu’s Everyone’s Fashion Week initiative sought to boost inclusivity. Did it succeed?
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    From March 23 to 24, Xiaohongshu unveiled the third installment of Everyone’s Fashion Week, an initiative spotlighting China’s vibrant street fashion.

    Held on the historic streets of Yanqingli neighborhood in Shanghai, this iteration continued to champion the ethos of democratizing high fashion.

    Showcasing curated pieces from Redlabel brands, which are certificated by Xiaohongshu’s e-commerce arm, the stage was set for an inclusive celebration of personal style. Embracing the notion of everyday elegance, the event provided a platform for invited individuals of all backgrounds to showcase their style and personality on the runway.

    Simultaneously, Xiaohongshu invited local fashion brand founders to engage in livestreaming sessions with online audiences in parallel to the physical runways. Viewers were shown a selection of runway-inspired apparel.

    Xiaohongshu provides a platform for individuals of all backgrounds to present their everyday outlooks on the catwalk. Photo: Xiaohongshu
    Xiaohongshu provides a platform for individuals of all backgrounds to present their everyday outlooks on the catwalk. Photo: Xiaohongshu

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    In its quest to uncover beauty in the everyday, Xiaohongshu is attempting to democratize high-end fashion, dismantle barriers, and foster inclusivity.

    The runway hosted an array of emerging influencers from various walks of life, including “granfluencers,” or digitally savvy seniors, food delivery riders, and tailors, resonating with a broad audience.

    The campaign’s hashtag, Everyone’s Fashion Week, has amassed 271 million views, underscoring the event’s widespread reach. Xiaohongshu users discussed the models and their outfits.


    Coinciding with Shanghai Fashion Week, Xiaohongshu’s seasonal campaign took a disruptive approach, spotlighting emerging local talent in contrast to traditional haute couture.

    Unlike conventional fashion showcases, Everyone’s Fashion Week engages fashion influencers and everyday users on the platform, bridging the gap between online and offline communities. This integration boosts Xiaohongshu’s ecosystem, fostering deeper engagement among its user base.

    Cailin, head of fashion and trend merchants at Xiaohongshu, who like many Chinese goes by a professional nickname, affirms the platform’s mission of championing original domestic designs and facilitating the global expansion of homegrown brands. As Xiaohongshu continues to empower local brands and shape the fashion industry in China, its commitment to innovation and inclusivity is refreshing.

    • Everyone’s Fashion Week by Xiaohongshu celebrates diversity by providing a platform for individuals of all backgrounds to showcase their personal style on the runway.
    • Through livestreaming sessions and a “see now, buy now” model, Xiaohongshu integrates online engagement with real-time fashion experiences, enhancing consumer interaction.
    • Xiaohongshu's democratization of high-end fashion and disruptive approach to seasonal campaigns reflect its commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and the promotion of original domestic designs.
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