Proya amasses $13M in media value as beauty brands battle to win 618

    Influencer collaborations and innovative tactics fuel C-beauty’s ascent. Proya dominates 618 beauty buzz with record-breaking $12.6M media value.
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    With China’s largest mid-year shopping festival taking place this month, beauty brands are doubling their efforts to extend their reach online and boost sales. This issue, our WeArisma x Jing Daily Beauty Leaderboard* charts which brands are making the most buzz online during this crucial period (June 1 to 16).

    And while international beauty brands try to keep deep discounting to a minimum to avoid diluting their image, local brands are much more active during China’s shopping festivals.

    This month, beauty brands generated the highest media value (MV) since WeArisma started tracking their online media buzz earlier this year. C-beauty label Proya amassed $12.6 million in MV from June 1 to 16, followed by Winona with 1.4 million, and Chando at 520,400.

    Turning to global beauty brands, Japanese labels are making a comeback since the radioactive water controversy in June. SK-II continues to hold the top position with 3.8 million in MV, showing the brand’s continued ambition and investment in the mainland market. Fenty Beauty fever hasn’t cooled in China – the brand climbed a spot this month to place second 1.2 million in MV. In third place is Shiseido with 923,100 MV.

    Read more on the breakdown below:

    Global beauty#

    The top international beauty brands in China based on media value. Image: WeArisma
    The top international beauty brands in China based on media value. Image: WeArisma

    SK-II ($3.8 million MV)#

    For the second consecutive month, SK-II maintained its top position. The brand’s efforts to increase its share of voice in China have paid off.

    On June 2, the Guangdong couple (@广东夫妇), a popular influencer duo with a reach of 63.9 million followers on Douyin, promoted SK-II during a livestreaming sales session directly from an SK-II counter, featuring a full range of star products from SK-II, such as its Facial Treatment Essence, Skinpower Advanced Cream, and Genoptics Aura Essence.

    The first one of those products is known as “fairy water” (神仙水), thanks to the great effects of its patented Pitera ingredient, and the Genoptics Aura Essence, is nicknamed “light bulb,” helps lighten skin and reduce dark spots.

    Additionally, the couple attracted more viewers by giving away virtual red envelopes containing cash and 25 pieces of SK-II samples when consumers purchased a single set. Their Douyin post mentioning SK-II generated a media value of $3.5 million.

    This successful campaign not only boosted SK-II’s share of voice in the Chinese market, but also significantly enhanced SK-II’s visibility and engagement on social media, reinforcing its market leadership and showcasing the Guangdong couple’s ability to boost a brand through online expsoure strategies in China.

    On June 2, the Guangdong couple (@广东夫妇) promoted SK-II during a livestreaming sales session directly from an SK-II counter. Image: @广东夫妇 Douyin
    On June 2, the Guangdong couple (@广东夫妇) promoted SK-II during a livestreaming sales session directly from an SK-II counter. Image: @广东夫妇 Douyin

    Fenty Beauty ($1.2 million MV)#

    Fenty Beauty strengthened its presence in China this month with impactful posts from influential KOLs. Douyin influencer Ma Baoer (@马宝儿), who has a reach of 8.9 million on the platform, posted a video from her visit to Sephora China, where she had her makeup professionally done with Fenty Beauty products for a photoshoot, generating a media value of $251,700.

    Additionally, Xuanzi Freya (@弦子Freya), with a reach of 4.8 million on Douyin, tested the foundation at Sephora China and praised the wide shade range of the brand’s foundations, more than 50 in total, generating a media value of $136,300. This success underscores Fenty Beauty’s strategic launch in China, using influencer partnerships to showcase product diversity and inclusivity, critical elements for international brands aiming to establish a strong share of voice in China. Standing out amid the competition requires not only effective marketing, but also offering products that resonate with Chinese consumers. This dual approach of impactful marketing and product relevance remains pivotal for sustained growth and differentiation in China’s competitive beauty market.

    Shiseido ($923,100 MV)#

    Shiseido’s presence in China soared this month. It achieved a media value of $923,100, largely driven by an impactful Weibo post from Liu Yifei, a Chinese-American actress with 72.2 million Weibo followers. The actress is riding high for starring in the viral C-drama The Story of a Rose.

    Liu’s collaboration with Shiseido, highlighting the Intensive Eye Wrinkle Treatment (小针管眼霜), captured significant attention and generated $601,700 in media value. Shiseido’s success this month exemplifies how a single mention by a high-reach local star popular at home and abroad can boost brand impact.


    The top local beauty brands in China based on media value. Image: WeArisma
    The top local beauty brands in China based on media value. Image: WeArisma

    Proya ($12.6 million MV)#

    Proya leads the market with the highest media value of $12.6 million, displaying its significant presence and influence. The Guangdong couple (@广东夫妇), with a 63.9 million following on Douyin, featured Proya in six livestream sessions, generating an impressive $10.6 million in media value this month. While also boosting SK-II’s share of voice, the couple’s frequent posts for Proya contrast with SK-II’s single mention, highlighting how consistent influencer engagement can enhance media value.

    Leveraging local influencers and innovative strategies, such as live broadcasts on platforms like Douyin, are crucial for maintaining a competitive edge and leadership in the dynamic Chinese beauty ecosystem. This also underscores the importance of posting frequency in making a lasting impact and effectively engaging target audiences.

    In April, Proya released its annual financial report. The company’s revenue hit $1.34 billion (8.9 billion RMB). It’s the first time a Chinese beauty business has closed on the 9 billion RMB revenue mark.

    Winona ($1.4 million MV)#

    In June, Winona secured second spot with a media value of $1.4 million. Blogger Yuantuma (@原图妈), who has a reach of 10.9 million followers on Weibo, posted about Winona 10 times, emphasizing its products and their benefits for sensitive skin.

    Her consistent support of the local beauty brand underscores the importance of cultivating strong influencer relationships. These connections not only enhance brand visibility, but also foster lasting audience trust. Winona’s consistent presence in the top 3 and sustainable growth highlight the significant contribution of influencers like Yuantuma to its success.

    Chando ($520,400 MV)#

    Chando received a notable mention from Chinese lifestyle influencer Yizhi Jingzhu (@一只静猪), whose influence reaches 5.1 million followers on Douyin. In her video, the influencer dressed up in traditional hanfu with her daughter while featuring Chando skincare products when putting on makeup. Thanks to the product placement in the short video, the brand earned an impressive media value of $144,500.

    The video also highlighted the significant role of skincare in the Chinese beauty market, where beauty routines are highly valued and integral to daily life. Chando has not only boosted its brand share of voice this month, but has also strongly resonated with Chinese consumers on Douyin.

    * Jing Daily’s monthly Beauty Leaderboards tracker analyzes the media value and social media buzz of beauty brands across Chinese social media platforms. Data provided by analytics company WeArisma can help brands measure and optimize their earned media and influencer marketing ROI.

    • Beauty brands are intensifying their online marketing efforts to boost sales during China's significant mid-year shopping festival, generating substantial media value (MV) from June 1 to 16.
    • Proya led with $12.6 million MV, driven by frequent influencer engagements, while SK-II held the top spot among global brands with $3.8 million MV.
    • Influencers play a critical role in boosting brand visibility and engagement, notable campaigns included Guangdong couple's livestream for SK-II, Ma Baoer's promotion for Fenty Beauty, and Liu Yifei's post for Shiseido.
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