Why Social E-Commerce Is A Game Changer For Niche Brands In China

    When it comes to embracing social e-commerce technology, "get there early instead of doing it later" is the key mantra for marketing maven Viveca Chan of WE Marketing Group.
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    As a growing contingent of Chinese consumers is heading online to shop for specialty items rather than just discounts, brands that fill a niche demand have the opportunity to cash in with the proper social marketing tools.

    On this week’s episode of Thoughtful China, Viveca Chan, the chairman and CEO of WE Marketing Group, explains how social media and e-commerce can dramatically change the marketing landscape for small, niche brands in China. “There can be brands that are not so successful offline because they don't have the budget to advertise and they’re not really big brands, etc.—but they can be very successful in e-commerce if they can find a specific niche, capture that market, and be very focused,” she says. “E-commerce opens opportunities for a lot of very small, entry brands.”

    This doesn’t mean major labels won’t benefit from this evolving technology, however—if they can keep up with it. According to Chan, “a lot of big brands—if they don’t move on there, then I think eventually they’ll die.”

    “The future is for those who realize the importance of [e-commerce] and get there early instead of doing it later,” she concludes. Watch the full video above for more of her thoughts on why social e-commerce is so important and how brands can strategize to reach their target consumer base.

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