Why Brick-And-Mortar Retail Doesn't Mean 'Low-Tech' In China

    New technology aimed at enhancing customer experience and collecting data is changing the way retailers think about their offline boutiques.
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    As China’s e-commerce market rapidly develops, some brands see brick-and-mortar retail as a “low-tech” form of shopping. That is quickly changing, however, as new tech developments make their way into the traditional retail sphere.

    This week’s episode of Thoughtful China talks to retail experts about the development of “social shopping,” or high-tech in-store features that enhance a visitor’s experience and allow brands to learn more about their customers’ needs.

    “If you are a retailer, you want to be able to determine about that person, as they move from display to product, how are they feeling about that particular product or the selection or that collection,” says Scott Amyx, founder & CEO of Amyx+McKinsey, on the development of new technology in retail. “Being able to understand motions is a very powerful thing in terms of how to optimize and fine-tune that retail experience.” Watch the video embedded above for the full interview.

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