When Should Brands Use Chinese Culture In Social Media Campaigns?

    From Chinese-language puns to Chinese humor, many global companies have tapped into local culture to create successful viral sensations on social media.
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    From Chinese-language puns to Chinese humor, cultural cues can be a creative and simple way to make social media campaigns go viral in China. This week’s episode of Thoughtful China talks to top China marketing experts about ways in which international brands can tap into China’s language and culture to reach consumers online.

    One main method of incorporating Chinese culture is simply through clever use of the language, especially through puns. “A lot of the humor in Chinese language, and especially on the internet, is around puns,” says Sam Flemming, the founder and CEO of Kantar Media CIC, in the video embedded above. “If a foreign brand uses Chinese puns, it really demonstrates that they are global but also that they are local.”

    Watch the full video for more examples of successful incorporation of Chinese culture into campaigns by brands including Danone, Anta, Mercedes, and Toyota.

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