What Makes Online Luxury Video Campaigns Go Viral In China?

    In a new interview, marketing expert Laurence Lim-Dally discusses the strategies behind video campaigns by Qeelin and Johnnie Walker in China.
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    Instead of paying for a timed TV spot, many brands in China are opting to create video ads intended for online distribution with hopes that users will share the content.

    In this week’s Thoughtful China, Managing Director of Hong Kong-based Cherry Blossoms Market Research Laurence Lim-Dally discusses the strategies behind several recent Chinese online video campaigns, including those by Johnnie Walker and Kering-owned Chinese jewelry brand Qeelin.

    For Qeelin’s video campaign, the brand created a video of a performance of a traditional Chinese lion dance to promote its lion head jewelry, which is shown at 15:41 in the video embedded above. Commenting on the video, Lim-Dally states that Qeelin translates the traditionally “masculine” dance into a “sophisticated and conceptual performance where we see those animal forces and deconstructed images that are very complicated.” In her opinion, “I think this is very interesting when we talk about jewels and diamonds.”

    Watch the video to hear more of Lim-Dally’s analysis of the campaign, as well as her take on a Johnnie Walker video campaign that was modified for both the UK and Chinese markets.

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