What Does China’s Recovery Mean for Western Brands?

    The Jing Travel x Dragon Trail Interactive webinar covers everything that brands can learn from hotels, airlines, e-commerce, museums, and culture.
    Since late spring, China’s domestic travel market has been a positive example of how tourism can recover post-COVID-19. Photo: Shutterstock
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    During the post-COVID-19 recovery boom in China, consumer spending should only accelerate, thanks to China’s upcoming eight-day holiday, National Day and the Mid Autumn Festival. Ongoing international travel restrictions might have curtailed Chinese consumers’ shopping overseas, but it has boosted their local shopping habits.

    Over the past financial quarters, luxury groups ranging from LVMH to Estée Lauder have seen buoyed results because they made China — the first market to fully open boutiques to consumers — their strategic priority. Just last week, Prada’s CEO, Patrizio Bertelli, wrote in a statement to Reuters that his company’s sales in China “have already largely exceeded the levels of 2019, showing double-digit growth since the beginning of the year.”

    Thanks to stringent anti-COVID-19 measures and pro-consumption tactics, consumers in China are out of their houses and shopping again. So, for luxury fashion and beauty brands, it is an ideal time to look beyond their immediate circles for inspiration. On September 16, the Jing Travel x Dragon Trail Interactive webinar, titled "What Overseas Brands Can Learn from China’s Domestic Recovery," will offer exactly that.

    Sienna Parulis-Cook, Dragon Trail's associate director of communications, will focus on recovery efforts in sectors such as hotels, airlines, destinations, and e-commerce platforms in China. Meanwhile, Peter Huang, the managing editor of Jing Daily's sister publication, Jing Travel, will discuss museums and culture-tech crossovers, including a specific example from the UCCA and Palace Museum, as well as how museums are creating cultural livestreams.

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