Trending: Weibo Blogger 'Stylist Zoe' Gives Advice on How to Wear Skirts, and It's a Hit

    Today on social media, Chinese consumers are talking about a style guide for wearing skirts in cold winter months, and a fan's encounter with luxury brand ambassador Lu Han.
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    Weibo Blogger "Stylist Zoe" Gives Advice on How to Wear a Skirt All Year Round#

    A Weibo post called "how to incorporate a skirt in your style all year round" is trending on Weibo. The post belongs to Weibo user “Stylist Zoe,” a self-proclaimed fashion blogger based in Beijing, with a following of more than 2 million. The post details different types of shoes, tops, and overcoats that will work well with skirts in all four seasons with an emphasis on the colder winter months. Traditionally, Chinese women are discouraged from wearing anything that will expose their knees in cold weather because of the belief that it will be damaging to their health. Stylist Zoe gives examples of using over-the-knee boots or thick wool tights and long winter coats to cover the knee area. “Staying warm during the winter does not mean staying ugly,” she says in the post. Netizens on Weibo seem to like the pictures of outfit combinations she posted. But some point out that they avoid wearing skirts due to body image issues more than the need to stay warm. “I don’t wear skirts because my legs are too fat,” said one person.

    Weibo Comment: “Please give me tips on how to lose weight. Then I will wear skirts all year long.”

    Photo: Stylist Zoe's Weibo
    Photo: Stylist Zoe's Weibo
    Lu Han posing in the Shenzhen shopping mall for photo /Weibo
    Lu Han posing in the Shenzhen shopping mall for photo /Weibo

    A Fan’s Encounter with Lu Han has Taken Weibo by Storm#

    A female fan of Lu Han, one of China’s most famous young celebrities and brand ambassadors shared a report of her surprise encounter with the celebrity on Weibo and the internet exploded with jealousy. The incident reportedly took place on Thursday in a high-end shopping mall in Shenzhen, where Lu had previously posed for a casual photo. The woman said in her post that she was trying to recapture that famous photo by dressing in the same shirt and cap that Lu had worn and posing in the same way. She said Lu sneaked up on her from behind and asked if she was trying to imitate him. “I was so stunned," she wrote, "that I forgot to ask for a selfie or autograph." Other fans of Lu commented on how lucky the woman was and said that they envied her.

    Weibo Comment: “Lu Han is so nice to his fans.”

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