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    Jing Daily’s Top Posts For The Week#

    In case you missed them the first time around, here are some of Jing Daily’s top posts for the week of December 20-24:

    (Image: Sanlitun Village, Beijing)

    Despite Huge Potential Of China’s Second- & Third-Tier Cities, Luxury Brands Hobbled By Poor Management

    As major luxury brands continue their march into China’s second- and third-tier cities in an attempt to tap increasing spending power, many companies are finding their progress in these markets stymied by a management “talent shortage.” Writing today on the dearth of skilled management to be found in inland cities, China Daily notesthat the talent supply in inland cities hasn’t caught up with the pace of luxury expansion, and whereas staff and management in Beijing and Shanghai have steadily become more professional over the last two decades, “store managers selling luxury brands [in second-tier cities] come from a variety of fields, including the hospitality and cosmetics sectors.”

    China Minsheng Banking Corporation

    Art Funds In China Succeeding Where Western Funds Have Fallen Short

    Last June, Jing Daily looked at the growing number of art fundsdesigned to entice skittish investors back into the art market in the wake of the global economic crisis of 2008. As we noted at that time, however, funds overloaded with top Western artists have continued to record mixed success as prices for these artists have remained high yet largely stagnant, reflecting the dynamic in the broader art world. (With the exception of artists like Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons whose works continue to climb upward.) By ignoring one of the most important emerging art and auction markets in the world — East Asia, and more specifically China — these funds weren’t doing themselves any favors.

    BMW Art Car

    Jing Daily’s Best Of 2010: Arts Wine imports

    Jing Daily's 10 favorite posts from the world of Chinese art in 2010:
    BMW Commissions Jeff Koons For 2010 Art Car: Will A Chinese Artist Be Next? (February 5)
    Jing Daily Exclusive Interview With Filmmaker Jia Zhangke (Part 1 / Part 2) (March 17 / March 24)
    Blue-Chip Chinese Artists Crush Estimates In Hong Kong(April 5)
    Zeng Fanzhi Painting Sets Record At BAZAAR Charity Auction In Shanghai (April 26)
    Exhibition Review: Cai Guo-Qiang – “Peasant Da Vincis”(May 6)
    Why Beijing Dominates China’s Art Auction Market (July 8)
    Private Museum Summit Held In Beijing To Discuss Regulation (August 4)
    ArtTactic’s Chinese Contemporary Art Market Confidence Survey Shows Continued Strong Recovery(September 2)
    Artwork By Yue Minjun, Qi Zhilong To Appear In Chinese Drama “Color Me Love” (September 28)
    Ai Weiwei: From Art Star To Asteroid (December 20)

    Jing Daily’s Best Of 2010: Wine Yang Fudong

    As a boom year for the wine industry in China winds down, here are Jing Daily’s 10 favorite wine-related posts of 2010:
    Wine In China: Growing In Popularity But Still A Hard Sell (January 5)
    China’s Growing Love Of Wine Goes To The Extreme(January 27)
    China Tops US As Bordeaux’s Top Export Market Outside Of Europe (March 12)
    Will Baijiu Ever Become Fashionable? (May 25)
    Champagne Houses Hoping For Shift In Chinese Wine Consumption Habits (July 20)
    Jing Archives: Spirits Maker Moutai Fights Counterfeiting With $20,000 “Red Diamond” Series(September 22)
    Bottles Of Lafite ‘08 To Include Imprinted Chinese Character (October 26)
    Lafite Sets New Auction Record As Hong Kong Wine Frenzy Continues (November 10)
    Baijiu Enters The Land Of Lafite As Rare 1958 Maotai Sells For $220,000 (December 16)

    Jing Daily’s Best Of 2010: Fashion

    After a year in which virtually every major fashion house from around the world fought to get a deeper foothold in the rapidly growing China market, here are Jing Daily’s 10 favorite fashion-related posts of 2010:
    Prada Teams Up With Chinese Artist Yang Fudong For “First Spring” (January 21)
    Gucci Learns To Speak Chinese (March 8)
    Interview: NE-TIGER Founder Discusses History, Future Of Luxury In China (April 1)
    Second-Hand Luxury Market On The Rise In China (June 16)
    Exclusive: Li Xiaofeng’s “Porcelain Polo” And “Cotton Porcelain Polo” For Lacoste Unveiled In Paris (June 25)
    Who Are China’s Fast Fashion Contenders? (August 3)
    China’s Fashion Bloggers: Five to Watch (August 16)
    Hermès Launches Shang Xia In Shanghai: Jing Daily’s Exclusive Coverage (September 16)
    Chinese Models Rising In The Ranks (September 28)
    Marc Jacobs’s Chinoiserie: Obsession or Opportunism?(October 15)
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