Week In Review: August 19-23, 2013

    In case you missed them the first time around, here are some of Jing Daily’s top posts for the week of August 19-23.
    Jing Daily

    In case you missed them the first time around, here are some of Jing Daily’s top posts for the week of August 19-23:

    Photos: China’s Sports Stars Show Off Their Lavish Lifestyles#

    If you’ve ever wondered which luxury brands are preferred by China’s sports stars, a comprehensive 50-photo slideshow on Chinese website should lay all questions to rest. Discovered by Abe Sauer at Brand Channel, the images shine light on the ostentatious taste of the country’s Olympians, soccer players, and basketball heroes. These photos also show the huge difference in fortunes between former professional athletes, as they stand in stark contrast to news of less fortunate former Chinese Olympians found begging in the subway.

    Will The Gold iPhone Become China’s ‘Coal Boss’ Device?#

    Since tech blog AllThingsD sparked a media frenzy when it reported on Monday with absolute certainty that Apple is going to be releasing a gold iPhone, there has been one country mentioned in practically every subsequent article covering the story: China.

    This is because, as the logic goes, an ostentatious color such as gold would only be popular in bling-obsessed emerging markets, and the color is particularly auspicious in Chinese culture. We obviously can’t know for certain if the story is real until Apple releases the phone, but tech blogs are pretty convinced that AllThingsD knows what it’s talking about. They’re also convinced that the phone is intended almost solely for Chinese consumers. According to the original article, “gold is becoming a more sought-after color option at the higher end of markets like China.” Meanwhile, Tim Bajarin, an analyst at Creative Strategies, told USA Today, “The market is driven by colors, and gold means prosperity.” ZDNet argues that in China, “the color gold has much more sway, culturally speaking.”

    Meet The Women Transforming China’s Luxury Marketing Landscape#

    An image from Cadillac's "Route 66" ad campaign, which is headed by Violet Li, one of Ad Age's "Women to Watch" in China advertising for 2013. (Cadillac)

    Advertising Age just released a special report on “Women to Watch” in China for 2013, which for the second year highlights the top female trailblazers of China’s advertising industry. Among the 19 women profiled, the luxury industry features prominently, with five women hailing from luxury companies. Representing luxury autos, watches, spirits, hospitality, and fashion publications, each of the following marketing pros listed below tailored her brand’s strategy to fit the unique demands of the China market. Keep reading to learn more about their challenges and successes in luxury marketing.

    Beverly Center Eagerly Taps Los Angeles’ Booming Chinese Tourist Market#

    Beverly Center's 2012 Fashion's Night Out event. (Beverly Center)

    Mandarin translators, easy access to Chinese payment methods, and specialized perks are just a few of the new services provided to Chinese visitors arriving at upscale Los Angeles mall Beverly Center, which is hoping to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to cashing in on the city’s most important bloc of visitors.

    The high-end shopping center recently announced the addition of a host of new Chinese-friendly amenities intended to alleviate common frustrations faced by Chinese visitors as well as provide special services to cater to growing Chinese demand for a “VIP” luxury travel experience.

    A Colorful Mind: In The Studio With Shanghai’s Crochet Queen Celia Bernardo#

    “China” and “design” are today’s two hottest keywords. While more and more Chinese designers are seeking to shine on the international stage, many Western designers have decided to set foot in Asia, choosing China to embark on their journeys to build their independent design careers.

    When it comes to brands renowned for original graphic prints and bright colors, you can’t help but mention Finnish label Marimekko, whose bold colors and lively patterns bring fun and joy into people’s everyday lives.

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