WeChat 'Treasure Hunt' Brings O2O To TAG Heuer China Exhibit

    The Swiss watchmaker uses a new traveling exhibition to engage fans on China's largest mobile messaging app.
    TAG Heuer's traveling exhibition "La Maison" begins its China leg, and features a "treasure hunt" involving QR codes. (TAG Heuer)
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    TAG Heuer's traveling exhibition "La Maison" begins its China leg, and features a WeChat "treasure hunt" involving QR codes. (TAG Heuer)

    As Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer’s traveling exhibition “La Maison” makes it way from Malaysia into China, it’s gaining a unique feature—O2O (online-to-offline) integration via mobile app WeChat. TAG Heuer invites Chinese attendees to interact with it exhibit via WeChat to learn more about its history in the form of a treasure hunt.

    TAG Heuer began the “La Maison” exhibition tour in Kuala Lumpur on February 19. The exhibition features a large adjustable structure that showcases 60 historic timepieces from TAG Heuer 360 Museum’s permanent collection and the Heuer family’s private treasury.

    The exhibit makes its first stop in Shanghai on April 16, before moving on to Beijing on April 29, and then to Hong Kong on June 18. As digital media site Digitaling reports, China’s leg of the tour will seek to enrich exhibit-goers’ experience through QR codes and inviting them on a digital “treasure hunt.”

    Visitors can scan special QR codes that pull up TAG Heuer’s WeChat page, which serves as a guide throughout the exhibition. The guide is in the form of an interactive “treasure hunt,” where users as go from exhibit to exhibit and receive “keys” that unlock checkpoints. Upon the completion of the virtual game on WeChat, exhibit-goers stand to win a special “Keys of Time” flash drive containing more information about the brand and its products.

    In addition to displays of historic and rare watches, exhibits feature live demonstrations of a watchmaker putting together a watch, as well as interactive touch displays providing product information. There is also a portrait gallery of TAG Heuer brand ambassadors, such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Steve McQueen.

    Digitaling says that this innovative integration of social media and a physical exhibition “affords users a richer interactive experience” and “brings users through every milestone of the brand’s 154 years of history.”

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