Whatever Baby Wants: 5 Savvy WeChat Luxury Campaigns for Children’s Day

    Many luxury brands have launched specially-designed Children's Day campaigns for the Chinese market on social media. Here are five WeChat campaigns that caught our attention.
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    Children's Day is a worldwide holiday celebrated in many countries. In China, Children's Day is on June 1 each year and almost every kindergarten and elementary school will have a half-day off to celebrate the festival with kids and their parents.

    As the commercial environment matures in China and consumers' appetite for fashion and luxury goods grows in recent years, brands have started to try to cash in on the holiday by launching different marketing campaigns, both online and offline. WeChat, as the country's uncontested top social media messaging app, is one of the key places where brands like to promote major holiday sales.

    Over the past week, we have seen many luxury brands publish creative marketing campaigns on this platform in order to build emotional connections with parents in China. Read below for five innovative campaigns that caught the attention of Jing Daily.

    Photo: Longchamp WeChat
    Photo: Longchamp WeChat


    Longchamp’s key campaign message for Children’s Day is that this is not a holiday that is only for kids to celebrate. Adults, or what the brand named “maturing kids”, should put aside their work on that day and celebrate with their kids. To make this family gathering more interesting, Longchamp suggests parents buy their signature nylon handbags. Interested readers can follow the links provided in the campaign to enter the Longchamp WeChat store. Consumers can then customize the bags and place orders directly on the app.

    Also, if consumers order more than two Longchamp nylon bags before June 1, they enter a lottery for a chance to win two admission tickets (one adult, one kid) to Shanghai Disneyland. The campaign is currently viewed by 7,343 readers.

    Photo: Dior WeChat
    Photo: Dior WeChat


    Christian Dior sees the upcoming Children’s Day a great opportunity to promote the Baby Dior 2018 Autumn/Winter Collection to Chinese consumers. The brand invited four kids in China (namely Heidi, Tiao Duoduo, Nino, and Lucas) who gained fame from a highly-popular Chinese reality show called "Where Are We Going, Dad?", to feature in the holiday campaign. The children were pictured posing in Baby Dior outfits in front of the camera. They all looked quite delighted and cheerful, making Baby Dior products appealing to parents.

    At the end of the post, Dior posted its official website where readers can find more information on its products. The post has currently been viewed by 50,844, with 153 readers liking it.

    Photo: Hermes
    Photo: Hermes


    The marketing campaign released by French luxury brand Hermès on WeChat primarily targets parents of Chinese babies. On the campaign page, the brand shows an interactive timeline of a proposed daily schedule for babies, which readers can use to see what their own baby should be doing. For example, 8pm is bathing time for baby - and a pink bath towel from Hermès can give him or her comfort and warmth.

    With the campaign, Hermès hopes to send the message to Chinese parents that its baby products are the best gifts they can have for their babies in celebration of this Children’s Day. Nonetheless, the campaign lacks a call to action step that can effectively turn interested readers into buyers. It has so far been viewed 21,192 times and liked by 345 readers.

    Photo: Burberry WeChat
    Photo: Burberry WeChat


    Is fashion a privilege for adults? Burberry said no. To celebrate Children’s Day, the British fashion brand released a WeChat campaign showing some fashionable cuties. A girl model dressed in Burberry’s signature trench coats posed in front the camera. The brand also posted several other styling ideas. A direct purchasing link is located under each picture for interested readers to place orders. The campaign has so far been viewed 22,701 times.

    Photo: Ralph Lauren WeChat
    Photo: Ralph Lauren WeChat

    Ralph Lauren#

    American luxury fashion brand Ralph Lauren sent a WeChat post “Children’s Day Gift List” on May 29 to promote their POLO line to Chinese consumers. A number of styling recommendations were shown for both girls and boys.

    The WeChat campaign aims to direct online consumers to visit Ralph Lauren’s physical stores across China. It writes that on June 1 and 2, major stores will be decorated and set up to celebrate Children’s Day. Parents can bring their kids to Ralph Lauren to do colored painting and drawing. By clicking on “Read More”, readers will see a map that shows nearby Ralph Lauren store locations.

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