WeChat Campaign Spotlight: Liu Wen Engages Fans With Interactive Estée Lauder 'Diary'

    Estée Lauder aims to engage new and old WeChat followers with an interactive notebook featuring beauty tips for the eyes by Chinese supermodel Liu Wen, followed by a quiz that promises a free gift.
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    A screenshot of Estée Lauder's doodle-filled WeChat "diary."
    A screenshot of Estée Lauder's doodle-filled WeChat "diary."

    Chinese supermodel Liu Wen has joined Estée Lauder for an interactive WeChat “EyeQ” campaign focused on a wide range of eye care products.

    The cover page of the WeChat post shows an iPhone, makeup, and a diary that appears to be falling out of a handbag, with a prompt that encourages users to click on the notebook. When doing so, the notebook opens to reveal “handwritten” pages by Liu Wen, with doodles and photos “pasted” to each page. These include digital Polaroids of what it says are the model's favorite Estée Lauder eye care products, and when the user clicks on the magnifying glass next to each cream or serum, it pulls up a more detailed explanation of what it does.

    Each diary entry shares what Estée Lauder says are Liu Wen's favorite beauty products for her eyes. According to the notebook, she uses the New Dimension Firm + Fill Eye System after spending days on the red carpet where she constantly needs to remove and reapply makeup. She explains that she applies Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream to relieve her eyes after staring at an iPad screen all day in this increasingly digital world, and reveals what eye balm "she can't live without" after a busy schedule before going on a date. The list goes on.

    Followers have to swipe through all of the diary entries before answering a quiz question at the end: If you want to look younger and erase years off your eyes, which product would you use? Those who answer the multiple choice question correctly (the game lets users try again if they get the answer wrong the first time) have the chance to win a surprise gift and will be prompted to enter their phone number and the city they live in.

    Liu Wen was the first Asian representative to join Estée Lauder campaigns back in 2014, and has shared her skincare tips on the cosmetics brand's online “Estée Stories” blog numerous times, with the most recent entry revealing her "evening routine when she is on the go."

    For years, Estée Lauder has been known to have a well-integrated digital marketing strategy in China, with a presence across a variety of social media platforms. Now, it has taken its micro website on its WeChat account up a notch with even more engaging visuals and stories.

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