Wang Qingsong Solo Exhibition At International Center of Photography (New York, January 20-May 8)

    "When Worlds Collide" by Chinese contemporary photographer Wang Qingsong opens at the International Center of Photography in New York on January 21.
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    Beijing-Based Photographer Wang Qingsong's Show: "When Worlds Collide"#

    "When Worlds Collide," a solo exhibition featuring 12 large-scale photographs and three video works by one of China's top contemporary artists, Wang Qingsong, will kick off at the International Center of Photography on January 21 and remain on view through May 8, 2011. The Beijing-based Wang is known for ironically portraying today's China through large-scale photographs. In a manner similar to a motion-picture director, Wang Qingsong stages elaborate scenarios that employ knowing references to classic Chinese works and shed light on China's new material wealth and increasingly commercial values.

    "When Worlds Collide" is curated by Christopher Phillips of the International Center of Photography, who helped organize the first major U.S. exhibition of Chinese contemporary photography in 2004. In addition to the main exhibition, ICP will present an accompanying show of books, entitled "Chinese Photography in Print."

    As the show opens next week, check back to see

    Jing Daily's exclusive interview with Wang Qingsong#

    and coverage of the show.

    International Center of Photography#

    1114 Avenue of the Americas at 43rd Street
    New York, NY

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