Video: What Makes China's Post-90s Generation Tick

    Tech-savvy and idealistic, China's "Post-90s" kids are growing up to become brands' most important future consumer group.
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    As China’s “Post-90s Generation” (those born after 1990) reaches adulthood, brands are taking notice—and with good reason. According to a recent video by Chinese social network RenRen and communications firm Anomaly, the size of this consumer group alone is greater than the population of the world’s fifth-largest country, meaning that understanding them is crucial for any company with hopes for future China growth.

    The video embedded above provides an outline of the interests, habits, and characteristics of this incredibly tech-savvy, idealistic, and hopeful group. Some interesting stats on them: they’re the most mobile generation, using mobile devices for double the amount of time that they spend on PCs, and they have on average two credit cards each, which 90 percent of them use to shop online. Watch the full video for a bigger snapshot of the Chinese consumer of the future.

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