Video: U.S. Fashion Labels Have ‘No Strategy’ Without China

    American designers Diane von Furstenberg and Nicole Miller discuss their China strategies backstage at New York Fashion Week.
    Jing Daily
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      Published   in Fashion

    American fashion labels are working hard to catch up to European luxury brands in the China market, reports CCTV in a new video from the front lines of New York Fashion Week.

    In the segment above, the Chinese news network goes backstage to interview several U.S. designers on their China marketing strategies. “There is no strategy if you don't think about Asia,” said American fashion legend Diane von Furstenberg, who created a special Chinese New Year collection and seated Chinese celebrities at the front row of her show. According to the video, the designer currently has nine stores open in the country.

    Meanwhile, Nicole Miller is clearly thinking a lot more about China than her company’s CEO, who apparently doesn’t realize there are rich people in China. “I’ve always been very big with small sizes, and I know China has a huge range, but I’ve always had that kind of 'zero-two-four' clientele.” she said. “I think that because I make a lot of those sizes, that would be very good for a lot of that customer.”

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