Video: The Next Big Trends In China’s E-Commerce Boom

    From mobile domination to drone deliveries, China's behemoth e-commerce market is undergoing rapid changes as it grows.
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    As China’s behemoth e-commerce market is growing rapidly by the year, it’s also quickly developing new technology in order to make the online shopping process faster than ever. “One in two online citizens in China are now buying online, and that penetration is going up,” says CEO Shen Haoyu, in a new CNN segment on changes in China’s e-commerce market.

    The video embedded above covers key developments as m-commerce takes off and the the process for ordering online becomes increasingly streamlined. “In the future [of] e-commerce—the main battlefield will be on mobile devices. By next year the overall [number of] smartphone will exceed that of PC users. So you can see that mobile commerce is definitely the number one trend,” says Yihaodian Co-Founder and Chairman Yu Gang. Watch the video above for more details.

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