Video: Macau Launches Fine Arts Exhibition To Commemorate Handover

    A free exhibition of contemporary Chinese art, with a focus on traditional genres, has launched in Macau to coincide with celebrations planned for the 10th anniversary of the city's handover.
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    CCTV9 has posted a video about the opening of a free art exhibition in Macau designed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the city's handover ceremonies. According to CCTV, the exhibition is a cooperative partnership between Macanese and Mainland Chinese artists, meant to bring the two distinctive artistic backgrounds and cultures together:

    The 10-day exhibition, which opened Tuesday, features over 80 works of art of traditional Chinese paintings, oil paintings, engravings and sculptures. The works mirror the historical changes in Macao and its development and achievements over the past ten years as a Special Administrative Region. Visitors can share the feeling of joy and enthusiasm of the mainland artists, and gained a deeper understanding of Chinese culture.
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