Video: Luxury's Approach to AR, VR, and Live-Streaming in China

    A video from Luxury Society's recent Shanghai conference takes a look at technologies including VR and AR that are shaking up China's luxury industry.
    Pablo Mauron speaks at Luxury Society's Shanghai conference on the latest technologies shaking up the luxury industry, including, VR, AR, and live-streaming.
    Elsie ZhangAuthor
      Published   in Technology

    At the recent Luxury Society Keynote event in Shanghai, Pablo Mauron of Digital Luxury Group China presented on the topic of emerging platforms and technologies such as VR, AR, and live-streaming, and how they are impacting the digital marketing strategies of luxury brands.

    In the video below, watch Mauron's full presentation with specific examples from brands ranging from Dior to Maybelline to Montblanc. Pablo is the managing director of Digital Luxury Group in China, parent company to Luxury Society.

    New Technology & New Opportunities for Luxury Brands in China from Luxury Society on Vimeo.

    This article was originally published on Luxury Society, a Jing Daily content partner.#

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