Video: Luxury Brands Look To Double Chances Of Success By Wooing Chinese Men

    It's becoming clear that China's emerging male consumer is reshaping retail not only in the Mainland, but in Hong Kong and elsewhere, and will remain a key demographic for major luxury brands in 2013.
    Hong Kong retailers have seen an uptick in tourist-shoppers from lower-tier cities in mainland China
    Jing DailyAuthor
      Published   in Retail

    "A Much Higher Proportion Of Mainland Men Are Shopping"#

    Earlier this month, Jing Daily looked at the rising importance of the male luxury consumer in the mainland China market, forecasting that 2013 may be the year that male shoppers in China start spending far more on themselves than on others -- a development that can't come quickly enough for major brands. This week, Reuters takes a look at how this emerging male consumer is reshaping retail not only in mainland China, but in Hong Kong and elsewhere.

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