Video: Guangzhou Auto Show Kicks Off

    The Guangzhou Auto Show opened to industry professionals and media today, with about 70 manufacturers showing over 700 vehicles at this year's show.
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    New Car Debuts, Expected Turnout To Buoy Stagnant Industry Mood#

    As we wrote earlier this week, the Guangzhou Auto Show -- one of the largest such events in China -- opens this week, with nearly 70 foreign and domestic automakers taking part. Several new models will make their debut this week at the Guangzhou Auto Show, including the Lexus GX 460, Bentley Continental Supersports, two models of Geely Emgrand, the V3 Lingyue CVT and more.

    As Chinese internet portal Sina pointed out today, as the show opened to the media, about 70 manufacturers are showing over 700 vehicles at this year's show, and more than 600 parts and accessory manufacturers plan to participate.

    The theme of GIAE 2009 is "Technology, Trend, Lifestyle". Visitors can find international automakers including Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen and General Motors, as well as Chinese manufactures MG, Chery, Lifan, Changfeng Motor and Dongfeng Motors.

    Shu Qi, a Chinese celebrity, turned up for a Subaru new car release, and Infinity has Mo Wandan, a well-known Chinese model, as its celebrity representative.

    GIAE began in 2003 and is now one of the most comprehensive auto shows in China. It is organized by the Guangzhou city council and the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

    As this CCTV 9 video shows, the launch of the Auto Show saw an excellent turnout, and the show in many ways reflects the importance that most major automakers are not placing on their China operations:


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