VIDEO: Lessons from Four Seasons Hotels on Social CRM via WeChat

    Luxury Society released Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts' key findings after they completed one year of customer relationship management via WeChat.
    John Hamilton, Marketing Communications lead at Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts APAC, shared his findings from the group's efforts to reach Chinese travelers with social CRM on WeChat. (Courtesy Photo)
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    Now more than ever, five-star hotels around Asia are looking for ways to better connect with their Chinese guests, and one way of doing that is through the social media platform that's extremely popular with jetsetters: WeChat. At the recent Luxury Society Keynote event in Shanghai, John Hamilton, director of marketing communications for the APAC region at Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, shared with the audience how, through trial and error and optimization, the hotel group, in partnership with its agency Digital Luxury Group, is able to create customized content and track and analyze customer behaviors through WeChat. With this process, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts was able to gain meaningful data about its guests, leading to results that could be applicable to real-world situations.

    Watch the video of the full presentation below:

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    A version of this post originally appeared on Luxury Society.

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